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W7R1.... much better than W6 runs and I sneaked in an extra minute

Just back from W7R1 today not only did the 25 minutes seem better than the horrendous W6R3 but I had enough in the tank to add an extra minute of running to go to 26 minutes which I read Tiddlywink had done, I think I could have done more but did not want to overdo it. I also did what others have done and in my mind broke the run into small chunks rather than concentrating on the 25 minutes so, run to the cut through, now run to the roundabout, now run to the church, etc. etc. this definitely works. When I slowed down for the warm down walk felt slight “pins and needles” in my feet and then the soles of my feet ached...never had that before but they seemed to have recovered OK now.

Tracing the route on gmap-pedometer website I covered 3.6911 K which if my maths is right converts to running at 8.518 Kph which is well short of the 10 kph needed to do 5 K in 30 minutes but is a faster pace than my W6R3 run so an improvement. Stamina and running for 30 minutes regularly is my aim, speed and distance can come after. Big test now is I had two days rest between W6R3 and today I only have 1 days rest before my next run on Friday morning!!

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Good run! Don't get too caught up in speed right now tho', at this stage you are still building stamina and your body is still saying "Whaaaaa?..." It'll come...relax and enjoy! (It's not necessary to do 5k in 30 minutes to graduate...I still can't do it and I'm months on from graduation)


Grammadog.. Thanks for the advice I am on the same thoughts as you I believe stamina first then speed and distance... I am definitely going for the “run for 30 minutes” to earn my graduation and not worry about how far I have run.


Nice one exwightman, congrats. 26 mins eh - get you!!! Sounds like you had a great run, here's to another on Friday! I'm definately with you on the getting the running for 30 mins bit first and then building on the time, then worrying about distance and speed later.


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