today my knees have been sore, sore enough for me to take ibuprofen . when i got in from work i had to put on some tubular bandages. the extra hour i did in work made them really sore. Im very disheartened to feel like this when i only started last week and that went well. Im supposed to run WK2 R2 tomorrow but i know that is not going to hoo.

I hope i can try again on Thursday i dont want to lose the momentum. Im really annoyed with myself. :-(


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  • Hi flart

    Well done on what you have done so far. There is no harm in having a rest for a week or so and starting again, you can also repeat runs as necessary. I hadn't run for years when i started, about 30 in fact and it does take a long time for the body to adapt. Take your time and good luck, Ed.

  • Week 2 killed me to the point I had to take a week off and it was ALL cos of Laura's advice to land on the heels as she instructs in Week 2.

    Rest your knees, take the Brufen and paracetamol (good combo) then when ready get back out and run naturally, try not to heel strike see if it makes a difference ;)

  • I'm on week four, but had to start several times over due to a badly pulled calf muscle. I eventually had to just tell myself to be patient and waited 6 weeks to ensure that it healed properly. I soon got my momentum back again. Good luck :-)

  • Actually i agree with ginger, heel striking feels unnatural to me too. I try not to do it now but my mind wanders off to thinking about cake!

  • thanks everyone feel a bit better knowing im not alone in giving imy knees a rest. still annoyed with myself though. Big Ginger i didnt take any notice to Laura about the heel strike it felt all wrong so i didnt do it. rebel that i am. he he.x

  • don't feel annoyed with yourself - you can't help it. Just rest up for another day, take it easy and if you can, run through it. Remember that your body is adjusting and strengthening to this whole new method of moving. You will feel sore in places that you didn't know existed, just make sure that you rest properly and remember the magic-mantra - RICE - rest, ice, compress and elevate. good luck with the rest of the programme. You're stronger that you think.

  • Perfectly said, Viv!! I reread your answer as I was typing my own answer and then asked myself why I even bothered. Your answer was perfect!! :-)


  • Oh my, no need to be annoyed with yourself. Soreness is a part of this program if it has been a long while since you have ran. It takes time for our bodies to adapt to what we are asking of it. Gayle and I walked for a year prior to taking up running, so we just knew that we would be in great condition to run...WRONG!! The way we use our muscles and demand so much more from them during this program can cause typical soreness. If it becomes chronic and more intense, then it may be more than just the typical muscle aches.

    I have to agree with Viv!! RICE, for as simple as it sounds, is often times incredibly effective!! You will be fine, but we have to expect some aches and pains as we push our bodies more and more.

    As I have been typing this I have reread what Viv wrote. I am now asking myself why I even bothered typing. She said everything perfectly!!!

    Rest yourself and Keep Running!! :-)


  • I've been using a cross trainer every other day for a while and I thought this would replicate running . How wrong I was. Thanks for your kind words and advice. -:)

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