End of week 5!...Does anyone else get sore knees??

Cannot believe I am saying this but I ran for 20 mins today!!!!! :O

i couldnt even run for a min when i started!!

Ive never run this so much in my life im so proud :)

Had a stich as per usual for a bit but generally i wasnt out of breath or tired. My knee was the main problem and started to hurt as i went on.

My leg muscles were burning but I coped!

Does anyone else get sore knees??

Well done everyone...keep up the good work!


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  • I've had a few knee niggles the last couple of weeks. Nothing sharp, and sort of general, not one specific point. I've found the best thing is tubigrip bandage over knee and down almost to ankle level. That felt so good and supportive, I suddenly realised why people wear support stockings! My knee didn't hurt at all today and I was just short of 6 k, at a slow but steady pace. Might be worth a try?

  • Thank you for this! is there a particular one you recommend? this is all new to me? :)

  • I had sore knees when I first started running but going to a decent running shop and having gait analysis before choosing shoes stopped the knee discomfort straight away.

  • Ahh yes ive suspected my trainer as a possible cause...now that I have got into it properly i guess i should invest in some proper running trainers :)

  • tbh I just had the tubular bandage in the cupboard - it's years old! I started out wearing it doubled up over my ankle (one foot is a bit dodgy, pronates, and has bunion etc, weak ankle) but gradually that has improved. When my knee was niggly I just thought I'd give it a try with the tubigrip, one layer thick. I think chemists sell it by length which you can just cut to suit. Not sure if it comes in different diameters. It was certainly a cheaper option than any of the special knee supports I've seen in chemists shops. Have a look, see what they have in your local Boots or similar. I was really pleased at the support it offered for my knee, felt brilliant running today.

  • I will give this a go thank you! :)

  • All of you people who are posting up saying you've completed week 5 are my inspiration - way to go, you!

    I've just completed w5r1 this morning, so I'm not far behind. I hope the knee sorts itself out.

  • Well done! :D week 6 tomorrow for me! its weird how so many people out there are all going through the same challange!

  • My knees hurt to start with and someone recommended to put a cold shower on them for as much as you can bear it after a run! Totally worked! I don't have any trouble with them now, I'm guessing my strength and muscles have grown so they're supported more. Well done by the way! You're doing great :-)

  • thanks for this is worth a try! :D i wonder how it works! awww thank you...i love the challange :D

  • Me too, my knees ached like crazy when I first started. Gait analysis, a good pair of running shoes and, I suspect, general strengthening mean I now have no problems whatsoever!

  • Im going to go to a special running shop on sunday and have this gait analysis done....cannot believe IM going to a running shop! never thought ID be into running! :)

  • I think you will find improvement as you move on.Everything ached for me and only now is improving at week 9.Obviously if it persists you will have to rest.Terrific work getting to 20mins.Its an amazing feeling x

  • Thank you the encouragement is great :D im going to invest in some proper running trainers and try a support bandage x

  • Well done on running for 20 minutes

    I have a very sharp stabbing pain when I kneel on it

    Apparently it is diagnosed as house maids knee

    Ibuprofen has helped otherwise if you are worried see your doc?

  • Its more irritating than anything...im sure its the way im running so this gait analysis will show that up :) it only hurts when im running and then when i bend it sometimes :)

  • Well done on finishing w5 x

  • thanks hun! :D x

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