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w6r3 - took it indoors!

Did this run today, but at the gym on a treadmill due to the torrential rain and impassible routes. So I am now officially a runner! The 25 mins were no problem but very boring on the treadmill. Only problem is I did 4.1 km, and I don't know if I will get another km in the remaining 5 mins. I might try for just a tad faster on wednesday and see if I can get a few metres closer to the goal.

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You're doing great! At my Graduation time I was not near a 30 minute 5K, still not...don't worry if you can't reach the distance in 30 minutes, speed will eventually build as you gain strength. Very well done and YES, you are a runner! Gayle


Brilliant rfawag! Well done. I wouldn't worry about distance either at this stage. We've got a good few weeks left to build on it and really think its enough to be able to worry about time for now :) seems that you did it no problem though, all the best for week 7 and hope the weather clears up for you.


Marvelous, Louise!! You are getting so very close to earning that wonderful "Graduate" badge!! I have to agree with the others, there is no need to worry about the distance right now, that will give you something to do after W9!! It is a wonderful word, isn't it..."RUNNER!"

Keep Running!! :-)



I'm assuming that's the point of the remaining three weeks - consolidate & build our speed - or why not go straight to 30 mins in week 7, its only 5 more minutes so no worse than week 5 - week 6. But like the earlier weeks I expect we'll find it gradually easier to do these times and therefore be able to push ourselves to go fast enough to do the distance. We shall see!


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