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Running in high humidity

I have just finished week 3 and really enjoying the program but there is a big change on the horizon which is worrying me a little (to say the least). In just over 2 weeks I fly to Mexico to start a year travelling through central and south America.

I really want to continue the program, but just looked at the weather - low 30 degrees and nearly 100% humidity! Not that I'm complaining about the lovely weather :) or the fact that I am going to be travelling in it for a year :), but running in it when you are used to the start of a cool UK autumn will be quite a shock!

So if all goes to plan I should be up to about week 6 when i get there, just when the runs start getting long and draining (and very scary) looking ahead in the program. And I am nervous. Very nervous. Apart from keeping very hydrated how should i approach the humidity and high temps? Should I repeat the week before until know I can do it or should I just carry on as if there is no change? I can see that a lot of people have been running abroad in all sorts of exotic locations on their holidays and wondered if you felt any big difference in your runs

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Try and carry on with the programme. It's fine to do it slowly. You have no real idea of the conditions beforehand and will have to play it by ear and see what the weather is like on the day. Some flexibility will have to be built into your running plans, as with any plan.

Hydration will be important as will altitude ☺ You'll have the time of your life hopefully so I wouldn't worry. Enjoy yourself. You can always pick up where you left off when you get back if conditions dictate you can't run.

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Few weeks ago I was in Spain and it was quite humid. Temperatures were in mid 30s. I have managed to do 3 runs, and they were among the most enjoyable runs I had. One day was especially humid and I was gasping for air, but all I had to do was to adjust the pace. It is definitely manageable and you can do it. Try early mornings or evenings, depending on the climate it might be less humid.

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Thanks for the comments and encouragement, maybe I am just over thinking things. This is my third attempt at c25k after dropping out at an early stage around week 2 or 3 the times before when life got in the way. I was feeling so positive overall that this time could be the one I graduate, but now the doubts are creeping in about the things that could make me quit before I reach the end. I need to ignore all those gremlins and just think one run at a time


You know in the last few weeks we've had humidity in the 80% area in the uk, so you have experienced some of it, be aware that your body will not be as efficient at cooling down, and needs a bit of help, go slower and keep very well hydrated. Find the lightest t-shirts you can, I also use a rehydration drink sometimes, but you can do this yourself by adding a pinch of salt to your drinking water, eat a banana, etc.,

And give yourself a break! The programme is meant to be flexible, do what you can, when you can, you're still doing it!

I was always scared of running in the heat, until I did the 'wings for life' run, midday, on the hottest day of the year at that point in the uk - 25+, I just kept hydrated, but drank a mixture of things not just water, fruit drinks and rehydration (vitamin/electrolyte) drinks, I avoid caffeine though. And slowed down, I'm slow anyway 😄, but I enjoyed it, that's the main thing!

I find I like a visor/baseball cap, to keep the sun out of my eyes, as that just makes me boil!

Good luck, you're going to have some very exciting places to run!



I'm in the south of France, it's pretty warm here too! The best advice I got from someone here was to carry a wet cloth, it really helps keep you cool. Obviously check the weather forecast, evenings are cool in UK, the coolest time of day here is about 9 AM, so keep an eye on that. Chooses shady routes if you can, the heat doesn't bother me so much as the full sun. Just do what you can, my pace goes down by at least 30 seconds when I'm in France. And take care not to overdo it when you're not used to the heat. Have fun xx


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