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Hurrah I can run again!

I'm back after a break to let my Achilles sort itself out. I hurt it doing a Parkrun in August and every time I tried to run in September, two days later I'd be limping. So I decided to completely rest it to make sure it was properly healed. It still clicks when I stand on tip-toe (odd I know) but after a run on Friday morning and this morning, so far no pain.


I won't be attempting a Parkrun again until I've actually graduated and feel sure I can handle the competition and the different terrain.

I'm just so pleased to be running again. Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Well done HardleyHare - hope you stay injury free from now on!


Excellent news, well done hope you stay pain free from now


I know the feeling....very well.....and I only had 1 week must be so pleased as I am.....its a good feeling hey to get back out there, hope it goes really well for you.

Pinkus xx


Well done HardleyHare-welcome back! i'm still out 3 weeks after injuring my knee. Getting frustrated not being able to walk, let alone run. Seeing the osteopath for my back (my hip playing up as well-maybe related?), so hope he will be able to sort it too.

Meanwhile; Keep on Running :-)

Colette x


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