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Woohoo! I DID IT! 5k DONE!

Well I managed it! Actually quite enjoyed it as I seemed to have more energy today. Must have been the porridge I had for breakfast instead of my usual weetabix! Just tuned right into my music and didn't look at timer at all, then when I finally thought I better check I'd done 40 minutes (including warm up walk) so just added another 5 and that was me! Yeh!,!

Ok, shower time and Zumba this afternoon!

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Wooo hoo, well done!!!!


Brilliant! Well done you! Delia


Brilliant Lesham, I can imagine getting over the 30minute mark is a real achievement - you must feel right chuffed :-).

Errrmmm..... Zumba - this afternoon????!!!?? Well now I'm just plain exhausted - you do know how to have fun don't you - well done you, Sara :-)


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