Back problems

So on and off I since beginning to run I've suffered from back pain and usually after resting for a few days it's right as rain. Not this week. I think I've self diagnosed hamstring problems but I'm finally going to give in and pay to see a sports physio as I'm crying with pain even walking about. Feeling sad and frustrated with myself as I feel that my weight is causing me more issues, I.e. Causing this to be worse. I don't think I stretched properly after my last run and I now doubt I even know how to do that properly.

I'm in London for the weekend and can hardly walk. In case you haven't guessed it I'm feeling quite down about the feeling of a week core/lower back as I can hardly sleep or walk :-(


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  • Sorry to hear this Sofargoner 😯 back pain is the pits..

    Nothing helps much but they suggest not sitting for too long. Walking is supposed to help but it sounds like that hurts too much too.

    Can you take Ibuprofen? It might help if you take it every 6 hours with food.

    Hope your sports physio can help.


  • So sorry to hear that, back pain really is the pits, best I can suggest is ibuprofen, if you are OK to take then, ice pack and rest up a bit. It is horrible when injury dictates what we can and cannot do, but, a good sports physio and following their instructions to the letter can really help.

    Please don't feel sad, you can amd will get through this and we will all be here to support you along the way :-)

  • I notice from your previous post you have excluded the warm up walk! WHY? NOT A GOOD IDEA! you always need to warm up and warm up properly before running! I only hope it eases soon for you, and hope the link gives you some help..😊

  • I think Sofargoner meant that she didn't include the warm up walk on her tracker davelinks, not that she didn't actually do it...

  • Sorry if my last post caused confusion. I haven't stopped my warm up walk, I just don't include it on my stats, I set my tracker once I complete the 5 mins warm up so I'm recording the actual running time.

  • Been there SFG...sending huge hugs. Hope you get a good physio and get things sorted.'re in London and on the IC... I'd have come and dragged you out for a jogette😊😊😊

  • Poor you. I understand the sad and frustrated bit: I've been seriously overweight for years but am finally down to the last stone (and possibly a bit). It's totally embarrassing to look back and realise how much the extra weight affected my mobility, energy levels and pain. I've been stretching for years on a regular basis and it helps a lot with my back (which I damaged in a car cash, resulting in the weight increase) BUT the biggest thing that helped is losing 8 stone and starting running last year. It's been a long, slow process (slower than it needed to be, hence the embarrassment! But hey, less saggy skin than I might have had if it had been faster).

    Be kind to yourself and also start to set some limits and learn to be your own coach. Trust me, losing weight and getting fit will be one of the best things you ever do. It's just going have it's ups and downs along the way. Good luck!

  • Thanks for this. I've lost 2.5 stone and definitely feel the benefit for it. Well done on 8 - that's amazing!!!!!

  • Thanks - it's taken years, I have to admit! I know what you're feeling so well but use it to motivate yourself... I still fall prey to "Really? I have to be careful about what I eat???" or " Really, why do I have to stretch..." and then I see seriously overweight people on sticks and looking unhealthy and I think 'oh yeah, that's why'. I've had endless temper tantrums about it but, ultimately, I feel better in myself and get so much more out of life feeling fit and healthy. Gentle hugs!

  • Also, well done on the 2.5 stone - great start! I didn't start stretching properly until after I tore a calf muscle and spent ages on the ic, now I do this after every run

  • Sofargoner,

    I read you

    Lost 21/2 stone, well done. Was it through running and diet or how did you do it? I need to loose same amount but am very fond of sweet food!

    Thank you.

  • Slimming world mainly.

    Running has changed my shape, several inches off my tum, hips and thighs.

  • Thanks for that.😀

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