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I just want to go for a run aka the importance of posture

It's now been a whole week since I had my miserable W6R3 run. I whined about it at the time - I was too hot, too tired, didn't enjoy it, blah blah blah. Now I'm whining because I'm desperate to get out and run again but can't due to injury from that miserable run!

I think I'd feel a bit more like it was a "proper" running injury if it was shin splints, or a torn achilles, or whatever other running injuries there are. But no, I'm a bit special ;) I managed to injure my neck!

That miserable run where I just plodded around the pavements staring at the ground stuffed me up big time. Obviously plodding along staring at the ground, I must have been leaning forwards and my big fat head (that apparently weighs 1/6 of total body weight) was forced to dangle on the end of my neck. Hmmm, I've had whiplash before that cleared by itself within a couple of days. This is 10 times worse. On the upside, I can now turn my head which is a big improvement and I'm back at the chiropractor tomorrow morning for more prodding, pulling and massaging. With any luck she can work a bit more magic and get everything back to where it's meant to be.

Week 7, you may hide but I will run. The longer I wait the more determined I get.

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Poor you, hope your neck is better soon and you are back running. Good Luck with wk7 when you are able to run it


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