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Running, interviewing and flirting?

In all the kerfuffle about US Generals and their emails last week, the thing that leapt out at me as a newish runner was that General Petraeus had invited the woman who precipitated his downfall to interview him for her book while running.

Just imagine that for a moment.

Not just talking, but actually interviewing someone while running beside them.

''Huff, puff, strategy, huff, Afghanistan, huff, puff, drones, huff puff, aagh!''

And not only did she manage to interview him, but she looked so attractive while doing it that they allegedly became a bit more than co-runners.

No red face, drool, muddy trainers and hairy white legs for her, clearly.

Perhaps there's a gap in the market for a new programme Couch2sportygoddess in 9 weeks anyone?

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Brilliant idea but not sure about her taste in men! Jan


I think at the moment his wife would probably agree with you.


Is this not the C2SportyGoddess programme then? With all my lumps and bumps and hairy white legs pounding the pavement I'm still a SportyGoddess!!!


Go girlfriend! I must admit that doing this programme has made me feel far more confident about how I look now - not sure that anyone who saw a drenched 60-year old running in her smart new running tights yesterday would agree. But, hey, who cares? We're having fun aren't we?


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