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W6 R3 - all emotional! silly moo!

Well I've been trying to run since last march (after I found out I have a rare lung disease) , then decided to do this plan cos I was disorganised and all over the place and I've just done week 6 run 3 - and it wasn't too bad!!!! Yay! (couldn't go faster at the end tho)

but as Laura says 'well done you're a runner' I got all emotional and nearly burst into tears! silly cow! Feeling great, but I wish I had more power - I feel im not going fast or far at all...

mixed emotions today - and Ive signed up for a 5k race on new years eve!!! Im feeling great and rubbish all at the same time!!!

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You ran for 25 minutes that is fantastic, you should feel great. It doesn't matter if you are a bit slow or not covering much distance that will come, when you can run comfortably at one pace then you can increase it. One step at a time, stamina now and then speed and distance. Well done on your achievements so far and good luck with the rest of the programme. :-)


Well said, Rolphie! This is a fantastic achievement, spinrek! Of course you're entitled to be emotional, I've got a tear in my eye for you! Forget about speed and distance - that's not important at this stage of the game. I wasn't near 5k when I graduated and have been working on the 5k+ podcasts to help build on that achievement. They really work, so rest assured that there's still plenty of structure for you once you've graduated. Best wishes for your Hogmaney 5k (reluctanthusband and I are hoping to do a Santa Dash in Glasgow in December!). :)


Thank you both for the encouragement - Im really going to stick to this and work on the distance and speed soon.... and try not to worry about them yet!


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