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New Balance trainers

Not sure if any of you folks check out the site SportPursuit, its an 'invite only' sports sale site and they send out weekly emails of their sales.

I got one this morning and they're selling New Balance shoes, with upto 50% off so I thought I'd drop a post here to let you know about it ~

Here's a link to sign up -

Wish I had my Gait analysed now so I know which trainers would suit :(

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And sorry if that post seems a bit 'spammy' and sales-like. It's not intentional. Most of the trainers on there are selling from between £20 & £35.


That's great - they're selling the same trail shoes as I bought for £60 a couple of weeks ago for less than £30 so I may invest in a spare pair for when they wear out ;-)

Thank you !


I'm sorely tempted by a pair of trail shoes. Are they any good?


I love mine - I bought them for an off-road race last weekend that involved ponds, a swamp and lots of mud. They gave a lot better grip on the slippery, wet grass and were really comfy. I got the ones with support as I over-pronate - I was told not many trail shoes have support.

Just a tip, if you are going to be running through deep water where the water can get in the top of your shoes, rather than just soaking through, you're better off with non-waterproof shoes as the water can soak out afterwards. If you have water proof ones, the water will stay in your shoes so you either have to stop and empty them or squelch for the rest of your run !

These are the ones I got:

Too girly for you but they are good on solid track as well, I actually found them more comfortable than my New Balance road shoes.


Lovely.... so what are trail shoes like on the road? Any trail running I do involves a few km of road running to get there.


Mine are ok - I have to run on pavement to get to the track & paths I like and they are still my most comfortable shoe.


I went to buy trail shoes and have a gait analysis and was told it isn't really relevant for trail. Certainly the shoes I got are rubbish for my gait even though I had the analysis done! Got to be minimalist for me I think, I'd rather go back to my walking boots where I started C25K.


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