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Week 3 complete

I've just completed week 3 . This week the sessions seemed to be shorter than week 2 and I don't seem to be running any further as yet. My daughter warns me that week 4 is much harder. The last time I did any running was over 30 years ago, although I have played sports in that time. I find that the legs begin to pack up before the breathing these days, which is the opposite to what I remember. I intend to enter the local park run at the end of the sessions, but I think the target will just be to get round.

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Well done, dont worry about distance or speed just as long as you are challenging yourself, you are doing fine.

Dont worry about week 4 being "much" harder, every week has to be a bit more of a challenge or there would be no running for 30 mins by the end, and I know you can do it!

I hadnt run for 35 years but its amazing what we can achieve on this programme. I waited till graduation till doing parkrun too, but many people do it earlier and find it lots of fun, even if its a combination of walking running its a great event and achievement in itself.

Good luck on your future runs.


Well done. I am about to start W3 so your blog is helpful for me.


well done. As Deryn said, don't worry about distance or speed. The key right now is to run for the time you need to. You can work on the speed and stride later, it will come.

Do you have a drink before you run? You might get tired if you are not hydrated. I find having a banana and some water half hour before I run really helps me have more energy, but we're all different, so you may need to experiment a little.

Keep up the great work, happy running!


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