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Week 8 finally gone.... Bring on the graduation runs

After last week's set back head cold led to a missed run, last night I turned down a trip to the pub to watch the football to go out for a run..........What has happened to me?

Not quite sure if I was over the over the cold, I took it steady but completed the final Week 8 run,

Having looked at my route on Mapmyrun I think that I covered 4.4km in the 28 min run so I think I will still be slightly short of 5k at the end of the 30 minute runs. So the the first post graduation goal will be to get to 5k and then bring the time down a little.

I've come a long way, further than I could imagine a few short weeks ago. So there it is, just the graduation week to go, oh and the Santa Dash that I've finally signed up for....

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Woop-woop!! You are totally going to kill that graduation run - and I've a hunch that you'll manage 5k in 30 mins. In fact more than a hunch - I bet you. A fiver to your favourite charity.


Thanks for the encouragement. Looking forward to this weeks runs and then ordering my graduation shirt! I'll keep you posted on the distance, you've just added a little more motivation!


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