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W1S2 - What? A stamina question for 'sports profesionals'

Well, it's not a typo. I managed to push my running up to 10k, but I've recently been having reoccuring problems with my right ankle (osteochondritis that was diagnosed 25 years ago) and more recently my right knee, which as it's the other end of that bone, I assume is related. I'm seriously chuffed at what I've managed to achieve though, but I've had to back it off because of the pain. Which brings me on to the title.

Week 1, Spin 2. I got a bike as part of my new companies bike2work scheme and have now done my first two 7.5 mile rides on it in the last 24 hours. So far, so good with no ankle or knee pain. It's been fifteen years since I was last on two wheels, but it turns out that it really is just like riding a bike ;)

So, why post about this? Because I have a question that someone may know the answer to. When I started getting better at the running (W5R3;) I thought it would be cool to consider running the London Marathon. It appears that the stamina I've gained from running has helped with the riding, but is it a two way street? I'm going to be doing 45 minutes of riding twice a day now, but (how) will that help my running? I've not really looked into marathon training, but from what I gather you step your running up to 12 miles then double it on the day. The riding will pretty much be replacing my jogs now, but how far will it go towards conditioning my body for a marathon? What extra training would I need to do, bearing in mind that much past 5 miles of running has on three occasions now, put me out of action for up to a week?

Any thoughts?

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