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Who is that crazy girl running at 5am?

It's me! I'm doing it! W3R2 was much easier than R1. I feel so great.

My tae kwon do instructor is a wealth of information. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite people. I thought I'd share some the wisdom I've learned from him.

*Don't ask if you are going to get hit, ask when.

I love this. Along the same line, don't ask if you are going to trip, look clumsy, throw up, etc. A less than perfect moment is going to happen sooner or later. It's okay because it happens to everyone. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep on keepin' on.

*You must train to attain.

I spent YEARS wishing that I was thinner and healthy. Do you know what that got me? Nothing. I had to get off the couch and move my butt. Success isn't an accident; it's a result.

*If it was easy, they'd all be doing it.

It's not easy, but I'm doing it. You are doing it, too. :)



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Well said :-)


I agree we'll said. Very motivational. Thanks


We can all dream but each of us is responsible for making it a reality. I admire you running at 5 in the morn, I was still snoozing in my warm little bed. :-) Gayle


Love those sayings. Motivational phrases really get me inspired. And well done with the early morning runs! It's hard getting out at that time, but well worth it to get the run over and done with!


I love that one. If it was easy they'd all be doing it. They're not, we are !!! thanks for sharing :-)


YOU ARE DOING IT, INDEED!!!! All that I can say is well done and keep doing it!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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