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Back again after a two week injury lay-off. Don't worry guys, injury doesn't need to mean losing your hard won fitness!

On Sunday 7th October I was delighted to do a half marathon distance (not an event, just me toddling round on my own) in 2:04 mins...after that I kept running my usual days for a couple of weeks but a right shin problem that had made itself felt in the days after that 13.1 miler wasn't healing and was slowing me down.

I hobbled on for a couple of weeks, even getting a PB 5K on the 24th October! However after a nine miler on the 29th when it hurt for the first four miles, then finally eased off when I'd warmed up, I did a bit of reading around what I thought was a pulled shin muscle only to find out I probably had shin splints and should be giving myself a minimum of two weeks off!!

This co-incided with half term hols so I decided to stick to cross training for two weeks, which consisted of two long swim sessions; then back at work; two gym sessions and finally back out on the road yesterday - quite worried that I I might have lost some fitness. I needn't have worried too much though!!!

I have blogged this before and I will say it again...don't dare let an injury be an excuse to flump back down on the couch, no matter how far into the programme you are! Just find something else that you can do to maintain the cardio and get on with that instead!


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after 2 weeks of a chest infection i'm back out tomorrow for my 1st run .. can't wait


Brilliant post CaroleC,


Wow, you're always awe-inspiring!


Well done Carole! Glad you're back! The cross training has indeed kept up your fitness!


Carol, you have been my inspiration from the start & encouraging me all the way through the C25K programme and now on the B210K. Thank you x. So pleased you have been able to get back running and doing such a good run xx


Really pleased to hear you're OK again, Carole! I am laid up with the same thing, had 2 weeks off; the second (short, slow) run back I could feel they were still bad 30 seconds into the run, so now reluctantly not running for 4 weeks, boo hoo. I am busy doing long swims, exercise biking, spinning, etc in the hope that I won't go backwards with the whole fitness thing. The exercise bike is purgatory: soooo boring and none of that fantastic buzz you get with running! I am hoping that like you I will get back to running soon! You are a whole lot fitter than me, doing Half Marathon is awesome! You are a real trail-blazer!


Soozz, thank you for your lovely comments; in fact, thank you EVERYONE.

I too am not keen on the exercise bike. In fact I think I prefer the rower out of all the cardio machines. The eliptical hurts lol.

I was out tonight trying for a fast mile (within a longer run), just going to blog about that one elsewhere. Just keep up with the cross training Soozz, hope the shins get better soon! xx


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