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It's cold and wet and windy out there - why not go for a run?

It's cold and wet and windy out there - why not go for a run?

This morning when it was just cold (rather than cold, wet and very windy) I put off my run as i didn't feel right first thing and the thought of shuffling along in full view of all those cosy motorists didn't fill me with inspiration!

So I drank plenty of water, started work early and checked out the weather forecast to see what time would be best to do W7R3.

It then started drizzling with the threat of heavey rain after noon . . . so it was decision time (go now and get wet, or postpone and potentially miss running today). I decided on the former and hope this post encourages anyone fearing the elements!

The five minute warm up was PAINFUL, with me urging Laura to say "let's go" so that i could put some circulation back in my hands which were on the verge of falling off. At last it came and i started my plod against the gusting wind- the rain came down heavier, white van men seemed to get faster and closer as i had to hang on to my cap. Five minutes on and I wasn't in to a 'nice rhythm' as I had been on R1 and R2 of this week. My nose was running faster than i was and begging me to keep up with it. I gave it a blow just before the long and steady hill that I've been getting the better of recently.

AND THEN SOMETHING HAPPENED . . . I started to get in to a rhythm at last, my feet were picking up and not just shuffling, I was actually smiling to myself and enjoying the cooling rain on my face. Time did seem to stretch (which i found odd as i thought it would fly by given i was enjoying it so much) and eventually the 20 minute and then the 24 minute marks arrived.

I now feel like the weather cannot stand in my way of getting to the end! So to all of you dubiously looking at the forecast - GO FOR IT :-)

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Fantastic, mo-mentum! Great achievement! :)


Hi Mo-mentum - what a lovely description of your run. I was so pleased today that I ran yesterday and didn't have to go out in it today.

You really have motivated me to get out there even if the elements are threatening (still not sure I could bring myself to start if it's raining though).

Week 7 run 3 is a WONDERFUL achievement - and all the better for you running in the face of adversity! Well done and I hope you get sunshine from now on in!


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