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Ok so why was today so tough? I ran 25 mins reasonably comfortably only 2 days ago but today almost broke me. I did manage the full 25 in the end but after 15 minutes I really thought I was going to have to walk. I had a stitch (never had one before), my shoulders felt tense, couldn't get my breathing right and it was all just a hideous hard slog. I did keep going but sooo slowly and it wasn't much fun. I think each time I run it will be a little easier and in general it has been but today was a challenge and I'm hoping R2 will be better. Someone please tell me this is normal. x

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Well done for getting through it Zippyfeet. I really struggled with that one, and it really exhausted me - so much that I took 6 days off partly to recover but partly those inner gremlins that tell me that I can't run! However did r2 yesterday and it was fine, last five minutes were hard but by then I was determined to get through it. I'm not sure when it gets "easier" but I am sure the more longer runs we do the more we will convince ourselves that we can do it. I think couch to 5k is a mental battle as well as a physical one. Good luck with r2, let us know how you get on.


Nope, it isn't normal. IT'S VERY NORMAL!!! :-)

Just like days at work, days with friends or any days for that matter, some are better than others! Some days everything just goes perfectly. On other days, things just don't go well. Running is no different!! Please remember as you are expecting this to get "easier," that this program is designed to push you more and more each week!! You are still improving!!

You are in W7!! YOU ARE DOING IT!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Zippyfeet, I agree with secretrunner and smhall, some runs will be easier then others and some will be down right horrible from the get go! I found as the longer runs came, it was taking me longer to recover between run days. Physically, I didn't notice so much until I started keeping a log. Usually my third run of the week was always my worst. You are still building stamina at this point and will continue to do so well after graduation. Just know we are always here to boost your moral or lend a friendly ear. So yes, this is very, very normal! We would think you were odd if you had consistent, perfect runs!!!! ;-) Gayle


Hi Zippyfeet - I have days like that too.

When I've had a hard run (and I've had a few of them one after the other recently) I always ask myself how quickly after the run did I start to feel like I had recovered. I find that always puts me in a positive frame of mind and i know that Laura is right, it's not about how fast, or how good you look doing the run, it's about the miles under the belt.

Your time will come, just keep at it and remind yourself that 7 weeks ago your never thought you could run for 25 minutes.


Oh yes zippyfeet, I completely understand what you're saying! Week 7 run 1 has been the worst run for me of the entire prog to date. The 2nd and 3rd runs I found were better although I was still exhausted at the end. W8R1 today was a much much better experience than any of week 7 - not sure why but I hope this gives you some encouragement - there will be hard runs but it will get easier too. You can do it! 25 mins non-stop - pretty good I'd say :-)


Thank you everyone - W7R2 was just as bad and am out today for R3 but I think I'm post viral which is probably why I'm finding it a struggle. Isn't this forum marvellous - what great support everyone gives. Thanks again.


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