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W7r1 & dog nip

Did my first 25 min non-stop jog today.

But I also for the first time got attacked by a dog. 2 dogs, a terrier and a similar size shaggier things ran out of a drive mapping at me. Then the other dog grabbed my leg after running up behind me and gave me nasty nip. They then followed me for a bit barking as I shouted at them.

No one around, the drive was unsecured and it flipping hurt as well as shook me up. Luckily there's no blood and all I have is a slight bruise, but I reported it to the police and will contact the dog warden.

I really don't want to not use that particular route again as it's down a lovely quiet country road but am considering it. Don't want to meet the dogs again, and it could be far worse next time and I run alone so if it drew blood I could be in real trouble

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That's horrible, not on at all. I am glad you weren't bitten. Even so, I would imagine that could easily put you off - but please don't let it. It may well have happened even if you were just walking ( it did to me). You are right to report it and hopefully the owners will be given a stern warning to keep the bloomin dogs under control in future.

Also, don't forget that 25 minutes straight is a great achievement, especially in the face of such adversity! Hope all goes well on your next run.


My goodness,

You did very well to complete your run after that experience. I think you are right contacting the police and the dog warden. We all have the right to not be harassed as we go about our daily affairs. There are some terribly aggressive dog owners who seem to think we should all love their pouches as much as they do. I have had some run ins on one of my routes so I know where you are coming from.

Try not to rise to any of their challenges and keep on going on those routes if you can bear to. We must 'kill them with kindness' and not be broken by their selfish attitudes!

Good luck with your future running! Hope it is a better one for you next time!


: { Keep going take some pepper spray next time


oh poor you, hope you are Ok...If it did draw blood you will need antibiotics so see your GP...I really hate dogs, when they see a runner they assume its playtime and always bound up...Is there anything that will put them off...anti dog spray??? My mother in law has bitch spray, I wonder if that would work?


Sorry to post this on this very serious post, but I just had to say this - I need the bitch spray FOR my mother in law!!! :)

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Advice for anyone getting lunged at by a dog and you don't think you can get out of their way. Grab them by the throat, pulling them down and forcing them to the ground. If they continue to struggle out both hands pressing them down so they are submitting to you. If you have any air, voice or wits growl as deeply as possible while doing this.

Simply, you are telling them in dog that you are a bigger, meaner dog than they are.

Working dogs are taught this very early on in my family


I would not recommend this. Aggression can easily lead to more aggression. Stand still and face the dog until the owner comes


We have been warned! Don't get on the wrong side of Kiwihelen!


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