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It's been a while but I'm back!

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Hi! Been away for what seems like an eternity, graduated last march and carried on to do 5k runs and felt really good, then summer happened and the kids were off school. Didn't run for almost 2 months and felt like crap about it. BUT two weeks ago I decided to get my arse on gear and start again at the beginning, I'm now on week 3 and loving it. I've missed all my friends on here and now I kinda need your motivation again:) tomorrow ill be running straight from school and I can't wait!

My goal is to do the nine weeks and then bridge to ten k, here's hoping:)

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Welcome back! It'll be great to hear how you get on second time around. Is it easier?

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Hello and welcome back!!!! Good to hear you are getting back out there and loving it again! :)

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Lovely to hear from you again, well done on picking up the running again!

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Glad you're back, well done !

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Thanks all, I have missed you!!;)

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Hey Pat, welcome back, glad to see your back on the podcasts. It won't take long before your back in the swing of things again.

You've got a goal, so go for it girl.

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Welcome back Pat! Good on you for starting again, in the winter too! Good luck! Keep posting!

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Thanks , I prefer running in the winter, I get too blooming hit in the summer ! Been alternating running outdoors and on a treadmill, must say I still prefer the outdoors:)

Welcome back Pat nice to hear from you :-)

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