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It’s been a while but almost back

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Well today is last day of term and it was in October half term that I strained my Achilles at W4r2. Walking barefoot/ in flats I still have a slight limp but and can feel every step . However , my target connected to physio exercises was to be able to lift myself up and down onto tiptoe on my bad leg in same way as I do normally on my good leg. This seemed impossible but now some 8 weeks later I can do it! I can still ‘feel it’ but it’s not pain. Hopefully New Year I might be right back with you guys! Happy Christmas !

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Well done that’s improvement. Where do you think you will start back with . week 1? Good luck with it all 😊

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purplewalkerGraduate in reply to CatMo13

I think I’ll try W1r1 and see how I feel from there but unlikely to start beyond w2r2 I’d have thought . Thanks for encouragement !

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to purplewalker

I’m sure my sports therapist said if you run more on your toes you’re more prone to Achilles injury. In any case when you go back do kiss the ground with you feet , as Floss would say and try for a mid foot land. Let us know how you get on.

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Glad to hear you're on the way back. Now you can listen to Laura's encouraging voice again from the start. I miss her.

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Sounds like it’s healing nicely... have a great Christmas and allow that tendon to strengthen by going really gently when you do get back to the running.

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