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W9R1 done despite the wind and rain

Attended the local Parkrun today and ran the whole 5k without Laura or music. It was windy and raining so ditched the ipod for a hat. I Have to say that I really enjoyed it, haven't got my time yet but it was around the 34 minute mark so not too bad and 2 more runs to try and manage it in the 30 mins. Have joined a local beginners running group, something I never thought I would do, so won't be able to do run 2 until next weekend. Although my legs are aching at the moment am already looking forward to getting out there again. Not sure what has happened to me but I appear to enjoy this running lark.

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Well done Rolphie! I "graduated" 8 weeks ago but still haven't run the full 5k. I'm pretty happy I did 4.2k in 35 minutes today to be honest! I reckon you're well on track, good for you.


Thanks I think running with other people helped, although my legs are complaining now!! running you will soon be at 5K


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