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First run of 2014 done - wind rain and devon mucky lanes

Now I would not normally be this dedicated - but I was determined to get out today, otherwise it mucks up my training plans. I ran yesterday- a pacey (for me anyway) hill sprint interval run.

I had a dry New years Eve (husband on call and my 16 year old son was out at large on the town and wanted to make sure I was up to any last min rescues)

So today a mediocre 4 miles. Livened up by the lashing rain and wind. My mate Mrs H joined me- we trailed off through water pouring though the lanes and depending on where we were either full wind and rain in the face or a good tail wind. So done and survived- and dare I say quite fun :-)

Happy new year everyone.xx

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Can't quite get into this outside wind and rain run? I have been hiding in air conditioned gymn. Impressive. Me, I'm a wimp. Happy New Year.


Your run sounds as wet and windswept as mine, lol. I hope I will begin to enjoy running in this sort of weather like you clearly do.


errmmm - i don't enjoy it - I just tell myself I do :-). Although I did have perverse sense of what nonsense it all was this morning. Its all under the banner - if i can do this i can do anything - good luck with R3


I know exactly what you mean about 'if I can do this I can do anything', weather like this is great for stamina training, if not pbs. Happy New year, sounds like you made a great start to the marathon training.


Well done SB. I'm impressed at your drive. I'm hiding indoors today in my Tiger Onesie, listening to the footie on the radio and looking at the horizontal rain outside! Happy NY to you!


Well done! Please let me know how you got the headwind to turn into a tailwind. On my run today I suffered with the headwind lashing great soggy raindrops at me but when I turned and was running back the other way there seemed to be no wind to push me along whatsoever, in fact I came home drenched apart from a patch of dry on my back!


well done you, I should have gone out but didn't!!!! Happy New year xx


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