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W7 R2, a park run and new shoes

I decided that I might as well join in with the Saturday park runs as part of the program. If I was going to do 25 mins then it would be interesting to see what the park runs were about and run with others. I could always walk the last bit.

The 200 or so runners were a real mix of old and young and all shapes and sizes. The good news is that no matter what you wear you fit right in and no matter what pace you run at there is someone doing about the same somewhere.

The first 100m I walked as it was crowded but I wasn't looking for a time but just to run for 25mins. I made sure I didn't set off too fast. Easy to run too quickly with others around you but I settled into a nice comfortable pace and so I could say thank you to the volunteers as I passed them. At 25 mins I had covered 4km or so and had settled in with a group. Rather than stop I just kept going with them. With their encouragement I got to the end. Unbelievable.

So now I have a quandary. Even though I haven't finished the program I have completed a full 5km. Do I graduate?

The paths were also boggy and my road shoes had no grip. I looked with envy at the trail shoes of others. I've seen some for £30 in a local sports discount store. Do I buy them?

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Parkrun is great 😃🏃‍♀️

I think you have to the full programme to graduate, eg 9 weeks.

What are those trails shoes? Brand model? Look them up on google to find out more before you buy 😃


£29.99 was Karrimor and £49.99 was Asics. I will check out the versions tomorrow.

I will also be completing the full program in any case. Staggering around one 5k event was more a case of falling with style than a controlled effort. So more work is required.


Well done you... you do, have to have completed the full programme to Graduate... but as you intend to do that problem:)

Just carry on, slowly and steadily, working up to a happy pace for the thirty minute runs... enjoy :)


I also love Parkrun, so friendly and supportive. I did a similar thing to you doing my C25k runs at parkrun. I got a bit carried away a couple of times and went off too fast and ended up walking and running and feeling quite cross with myself afterwards so beware! I've found it a great way to keep up with running after graduation. Good luck!


Karrimor Tempo was my first, ever pair of running shoes! I still have them, they are still in great nick despite yonks of wear. Once I retired them as the tread wore down, I washed them and now wear them for doing fitness dvd's at home (those which require shoes that is) I liked the shoes so much, my husband bought me the road version for my 57th birthday. I recylced those in the shoe bin as they were a half size too small. They were in perfect nick though. The road shoes are ok in dry weather but slipped a bit. However, very expensive shoes can do that!

I did a lot of miles on the trails in this shoe and it was comfy straight out the box. I am always bigging up this shoe on here! LOL In winter though it was a bit hairy on the wet, wooden duck boards I have to cross. Not bad at all though for the price. They are in all different colours as well, and for the price, what's not to like

Another cheapo trail shoe, which has a lot of trail running fans, is the 30 odd quid More Mile one, which apparently is good and wide in the toe box. Read the reviews on that one! Seems very popular but I don't know if you'd find it at your local SportsD.

Let us know what you get, and post a pic as that is the law hereabouts!


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