Delayed no more, My first run!

So after my fear managing to delay me starting the programme by at least 3 weeks, I finally did it!

Today I did W1R1, all geared up in my 'trying to blend in' black I set out around my local lake. I only saw one other person running, which was another woman, jogging along at roughly the same pace as me and looking equally as tired as me. Instead of feeling embarrassed if anything I felt empowered!

Adding wonderfully to my run was that the ducks, swans, gease and rabbits were a welcome distraction from my breathing towards the end of my one minute runs.

All in all feeling very smug now, not sure how my legs will feel later though!


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15 Replies

  • Yippeeeeeeeee!!!! You did it, that's the hard part. You did it, no one laughed, you didn't collapse, you even enjoyed it and felt empowered. The buzz I get at the end lasts all day so have a good one and stay smug! As for bath, stretch after a run, take it easy tomorrow :)

  • Well done for getting started - often the hardest step. Take it nice and slow, make sure you have your rest days and stretch out after each run as it helps with the stiffness. Good luck!

  • Brilliant stuff, well done you!!!!

    The first time we get off that couch is def hardest! Glad you managed to feel empowered , I loved reading that!

    Go girl :-)

  • superb :D well done on getting out there and starting on this amazing program :D

  • Well done, the first run is the hardest because you don't know what to expect. Don't forget to stretch properly to avoid achey muscles later.

  • well done you.

  • Well done! How lovely to be running with the wildlife.

    You've taken the first step - don't look back now! :)

  • Your legs may ache, but don't worry - that's what happens to most of us. After a couple of weeks, the aches are replaced by a much nicer feeling.

    Well done for starting. Keep it up and tell us how it's going!

  • Woohoo! There. You did it! That's another job ticked off. Wasn't as bad as you'd built it up to be was it ☺

    Enjoy yourself, go slowly - it's not a race. This is fun ok you will ache but that goes with the territory but you have a rest day and get back out there

  • Well done you. 😊

  • Remember that feeling and take it with you on your next session. Well done for taking the first step.

  • Fantastic, starting is the hardest part!! Well done. The buzz you get at the end only gets better as you go on and see how much you can achieve, that you didn't at first think was possible. Make sure and stretch after each run (helps ward off the fatigued/sore legs!). If you have a day where you can't be bothered, just tell yourself to put your trainers on and get outside, no pressure on yourself, once you're out, you'll do it :) Best of luck and keep posting on here :)

  • Sounds like a lovely run, plus with all that wildlife.

    I like black and funny enough started with black pants, top and jacket and soon this makes way for pinks, blues, mint green and purples, yellows and oranges. However, I always stick to black bottoms no matter how tempted you are.

  • Glad you made the start and survived. The world is full of runners / joggers of all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness. Soon you will be out there in bright pink (or whatever) as proud as anything. Well done.

  • Wow. Well done!! I'm starting tonight and this has made me really excited.

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