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Week 6, Run 2 - bye, bye Laura!

Sorry to say I couldn't face another session of the dreadful music so armed with my playlist and a post-it note stuck to the front of my treadmill with timings of when to walk and run, off I went.

That's got to be the quickest session ever! Not that I ran quicker - kept to my usual pace - but it just flew by. The last 10 minute session was run to The Prodigy and Public Enemy - very, very loudly. It was brilliant :)

Plan to do run 3 on Saturday as usual but I am away on Friday and coming back Saturday tea time and I will have shopped till I dropped around Glasgow. Hoping my legs will hold out for a run but will still give it a go. Perhaps I can "entertain" myself as I run with totting up my credit card bill as I'm thinking I'm going to be giving it a serious bashing!! Woo Hoo! :)

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Lots of us ditch Laura around this time with the longer runs looming but I dont think she minds too much as there are plenty of newbie runners she can hook up with! Well done on your run.

Wow, if you manage run 3 after a busy time shopping you are a better woman than me - think I would just wait to Sunday and enjoy looking at all my new goodies and shredding the receipts!! Enjoy! Sue x


gosh, comfort blanket of Laura gone!! getting towards being a "proper" runner now - well done you on the progress!

enjoy Glasgow shopping. ive loved it every time ive gone. you'll be zipping up and down those high streets with your new fitness!

best wishes.

ali :-)


Thanks Guys. Sorry been off-line so only just seen your kind comments. x


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