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I knew this would happen!

So I graduated in August, and as I suspected the whole running thing has gradually fallen by the wayside. It started with getting a little bit poorly for a couple of weeks combined with the intense heat. It really had an effect on me and found I was only managing 15 minutes at a time after that. In a way I think the fact that I could only manage this de-motivated me as I felt I had "failed" which i know is silly! So my runs have been fewer and further in between, but I feel so lethargic and "doughey" I need to get back out there!

Last night I went out and managed 10 minutes non stop, then walking and a bit more running for another 5 minutes and I actually felt really great. So I just need a bit of motivation I think. With the unpredictable weather I am worried that I'll never keep it up fully. I am thinking of joining the gym but even the cheapest one is an expense I can't really afford!

If anyone has had a similar thing happen and over-come it please let me know how you did this, I need a bit of inspiration!!!!

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I had to take a month off shortly after graduating due to knee injury. when I did try to run again it took time & it was a real effort. for me I went back to the c25k podcasts, starting at week 5,run3. having laura in my ear was real motivation as she seems to give you that boost just when you need it. it took a few weeks & determination to get over my setback & back up to 30mins again, but the feeling when I managed it was just like getting to week 9 all over again. confidence!!

dont give up! take it nice & slow & Im sure that running will be enjoyable soon enough.

good luck :)



Thanks for your advice, I do think maybe going back a few weeks on the podcast might help, I think I need the discipline of not just stopping when I feel like it!

Well done you for getting back up there, that's like a double achievement for sure! I'm going out again tonight because the forecast is clear so there's no excuse really! I'm actually a little bit excited!


Have a look into joining a local running club - some will probably cater better for "newbies" than others, but having fixed meetings to attend is good for motivation and you'll make new friends too. I pay £18 for membership - for that I get to go to two "official" runs a week, one of which is a coaching session, I get a discount at the local running shop (I've saved more than £18 on just two pairs of shoes) and new friends. Our club has a facebook page too so if you need a bit more motivation, there's usually a bit of encouragement to come out for a run.

If there isn't a running club that appeals to you, you could always try and set up your own informal running group. Someone local to me set up a small beginners group, just two or three people to start with, at least partly to give himself some extra motivation - he set up a Facebook Page and the group has grown and grown in just a few weeks, to the extent that he might need to split the group between beginners and intermediate.

Good luck :-)



Thanks for the advice, I think I might have a go at roping in some other people into running. I'd quite like to set up a lunchtime running group that would be fun, in this cold you don't get massively sweaty and I guess that's why god gave us wet wipes!!

I may eventually end up joining the gym but if I can avoid it I so will!


New running gear always helps me, the running club is a great idea though, if you have the courage! I don't!


When you feel like stopping... don't! Have you tried the stepping stones podcast? It builds up speed over 30 minutes. Don't let tiredness dictate what you do. Tell yourself that you can do it and to just keep going. Think of all those people that would love to be able to move and run, but can't because of illness, disability etc. and enjoy the feeling of being able to run whenever you feel like it and then do it JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN. Remember: You're stronger than you think. You actually are - now got out there and prove it.


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