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Week 8 Run 1 - Ugggh!

Just returned from the first run of week 8. Feeling quite confident when I set off as I had managed to run for 28 mins+ on a couple of previous runs. Not sure what happened this time as the poor little legs just felt like lead even though I've had a couple of rest days :( With about 6 mins to go I was really struggling, but I did manage to keep going. Absolutely done in at the end - the pace wasn't fast either so can't blame that.

Never mind I shall put this down to experience and go again on Wednesday.

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Poor you - I'm way behind you so I don't have much experience yet, but I bet this happens to everyone at some stage.

It's fantastic that you could keep going when you were really struggling. Can you remember how you felt in week 1? Now you realise how far you have come.

Good on you for knowing you will be out there to do it again Wednesday. Let us know how it goes, (although I'm sure it will be fine!).


Thanks GoldenOldy - I may try a change of route next time for a bit of variation. I know I can do this time as I've done it before so I'll just put it down to an off day!!!


Crazy how we can have good runs and bad runs and not determine what causes the difference. Job well done in getting through it. Wow! Look at you soon to be graduate! :-) Gayle


You toughed it out. Well done!


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