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NHS surgeries do not support runners (Warning - major vent after been refused to use their WC)

About 2k into this morning's run I realised that my pre-exercise fluid has passed rather quickly through and so I popped into the GP surgery near where I run with the hope of using their toilet. (I actually drive to this green area which has lovely cycle and foot paths with a surgery, kids nursery and a few local shops).

This was just after 9am and there was no one in the waiting room but I noticed there was a big lock on the WC with a bold notice stating that THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC TOILET.

I made my way to the reception desk, smiled ever so sweetly and greeted the lady in my politest voice, and then asked the dreaded question: "Could I please use your toilet?"

She looked at me as if the cat or something worse dragged me into her presence and said NO unless you are a patient waiting for an appointment with the doctor. Dressed in my fab winter gear with a very healthy beetroot face I thought it was quite obvious that that was not the case...

On questioning whether there are any public toilets nearby she said no. I could not help myself but asked her if she would prefer if I wee'd in their garden - to which she responded that I might ask the Dental Practice (who shares the same building), they might give me the key. The dentist was ever so nice and no 'got-to-be-a-patient attitude' but just smiled and gave me the key. That's why I will always love my dentist! (Btw I'm married to one, lol)

This did spoil my run as I spend the next 30mins thinking about what I would/could have said to this horrible woman....I fully understand some sort of policy re the toilet and having a key, but what did this lady think I was going to do to their toilet and seriously what was I going to do if the dentist also refused....., lol.

Oh's to happy running and next time I'll be a bit more careful about fluid intake pre-run.


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She does sound rather hostile and unpleasant. It's a shame when people are like that but fortunately most people are more pleasant. Not going to the loo when you need to can cause medical problems - wee in her garden next time just to be on the safe side ;-)

A group of seven off us were out running together yesterday morning. The riverside footpath was wide, plenty of room for everyone, but one woman holding her dog back was quite hostile - the manner in which she said "Are there any more of you" made it quite clear she didn't want us there - I think she would like to have said "Get Off My Land" but couldn't as it was a public footpath !


Write and complain. Very often colleagues and managers will find a person's manner unfortunate but find it difficult to really tackle someone about their manner without a letter from 'the public' - or to be put on the spot about a silly policy they are asking people to enforce. It makes no sense if this was the same toilet you were gaining access to without a quibble from the dental people.

(sfb350 it can get a bit wearisome that dogwalkers are absolutely the bottom of the pile when it comes to using the outdoors and are expected to defer to any other kind of user and too many runners and cyclists don't say thank you - ironically this sometimes includes people running with their own dogs when I am running with mine who fail to acknowledge that I have taken steps to ensure their progress is unimpeded)


We had all said thank you and good morning to everyone we met while we were out and everyone apart from this one lady was pleasant and polite, or even chatty. Earlier we had stopped to walk past another women whose dog appeared nervous, I don't think any of us expected any special treatment. The path was at least wide enough to drive a car or truck down and we were keeping to one side of the track - there really was no reason for such a hostile attitude. I just think some people resent anyone enjoying a hobby they have no interest in, whether it has any real effect on them or not.


What a meanie! People like that make me really angry!


I don't know where you are, but in Scotland there is an old law on the books. Apparently you can't turn people away, legally. Even in your home, which scares me just a tiny bit.


Miserable woman. Definitely write and complain about her attitude.

I had to have my first free-range wee yesterday - it was very cold up on the moors and fortunately there was no one around - at least, I hope not! :)


Poor women, imagine how horrible and pitiful her life must be if the sole way she can assert herself is to be horrid to other people. I suspect that her karma may involve a full bladder, running water and a toilet that she can never reach.....

Good on the dentist people!


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