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Couch to 5K
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W1r1 I could dance I'm so happy!

I know some might have seen this on the other thread but I want to make sure that the people who gave me the help and advice see it too. Thank you again!!

Oh my days!!! I'm tingling all over!

I live at the bottom of a valley I discovered tonight! Okay valley might be ott but I'm surrounded by hills.

So much for turning around half way through lol I was already at the half way point of my planned route. I even went on the main road!! I seriously cannot believe it! I even had to run past 2 Chavs and their staf. He moved out the way and I even smiled my thanks. Crazy as that sounds I can't believe I wasn't shy! Woop

Only bad bit I was going up a looooooong hill and just as gets to the top I stopped running then literally 10 seconds later Laura said stop running. Argh!! That happened twice on run 6 and run 9...both in a headwind!

And on run/walk 8 my chest started to rattle lovely cough from the son lol.

I'm so proud of myself!! Next run Sunday or Monday seeing how I'm feeling tomorrow lol

Wooooooooo :)

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Brilliant, ! Well done you, loving your enthusiastic post ! ๐Ÿ˜Š and hills on your 1st run too!


That's brilliant, well done!


Hey! So glad it went well. Sounds like you're hooked already. Make sure you stretch out after the runs - it help with the stiffness.

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Sounds like you're already hooked :) Great post


Thank you. I've JUST woke up. Lovely natural body clock lol and even though I've got this awful sounding cough this is this first time I've felt really rested since before my son was born!! Fully putting that down to the run. I want to go again today but I'll be good and go Monday afternoon when LO is at his nan's lol :)


Well done! That's the hardest run out of the way and you sound like you did brill :)

Hills on your first run??!! That's impressive and will surely help you develop has a runner!


Brilliant !!! Well done you!!! :D

Although enthusiasm is a great thing, please do not be tempted to skip a rest day. Rest days are as important as running days as they allow your muscles to recover and build in order to take you to that next level.

I really am looking forward to reading about your journey :) Good luck and keep on posting


Brilliant!!!! Well done. Keep stretching and take it easy :) Keep posting


Well done! I am on week one also and have had that amazing buzz feeling after both runs. I am due out for the w1r3 tomorrow. Hopefully we can see each other's posts all the way to week 9! Keep at it x


Well done! I've just finished week one, something I never thought I would achieve and now I'm hooked. Rest days are important, so make sure you use them.

The encouragement on this forum is phenomenal. Such a positive place.


Definitely having a day off. Going to go on Monday Wednesday and Friday. Then I get the whole weekend off. And I can go for a walk with the family to the park at the weekends or walk into town. I normally drive everywhere but towns only 10 minute walk away. Nice little stroll. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Just a question, how do you cope with stitches? Is it something that gets easier with time and you just battle through? That's what I did last night.


Fantastic, you are on your way now! Keep us posted with progress.


The first run is always the hardest then you get bitten by the run. Well done :-)


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