Ok did not really think this one through!! Had Dentist appointment no problem...where I run is literally over the road so I thinks ok no probs can take my stuff quick change in the car and off I go. There I am struggling to get my leggings on under my skirt etc and a very lovely lady is peering in the window asking if I am going as spaces are at a, off she goes carry on trying another kind lady...excuse me are you lights on? Yes it’s fine as soon as turn ignition off they will go out, but thank you!! This is beginning to turn into a really bad idea!!


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14 Replies

  • You should have used a phone box, super woman style. 😁

  • I don’t think we have any left in the town!! 🤣🤣 next time will just wear my running stuff to the dentist and brave the stares!!!

  • Wear your running stuff to the dentists with pride. People will be impressed at your dedication: combining two of some people's worst nightmares together.

    Did you manage to do the run in the end?

  • Yes I did the run!! 😊 still find it tough but managed!!

  • Great job on the run, hilarious the things we get up to!

  • Thanks for the giggle

  • You’re welcome!! 😜

  • Wear the gear.. folk think you are amazing... which of course YOU are!!! :)

  • Yes I know I should of just worn and and not cared...just felt a bit silly. Will deffo wear it next time!

    Still too slow but am gonna Have stop obsessing about the stats people put up and try and be happy with what I am doing...after all 11 weeks ago I could never have run for over 3.5k in half an hour I would have been in a heap on the side of the cycle path. Just keep repeating that paula!!

  • Slow is brilliant.. I am the Original Grey is still my favourite speed... my long runs on Sundays are the best, because they are slow and long :)

    I just run... and run.. and run :)

    Distance and time, sometimes can really make us forget what the running is really about..For me, I run and then I ramble.. I have logged every one of my runs.. most have no onetime of speed..:)

    You are amazing... be proud :)

  • Yes but you did the 5k in time to graduate! I am still nowhere near and after 30 mins am tired!

  • I only did it..because I thought I had to :)

    And.. after three days with small runner in training, (granddaughter)... I am really, really, really tired :)

  • Haha I can understand that!! I am looking forward to that chapter in my life!!.

  • Awks indeed....

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