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The perils of trying to mix work and running (and a new use for C25k T-shirt)

I've had a mad week at work and haven't managed a run since last Saturday. I'd originally been due to be in Shropshire, Cardiff and York with some time to fit in a run and possibly using a hotel gym so I took my running gear with me. When I got to my first hotel last Sunday night, it was undergoing massive renovation. The noise of the pneumatic drill digging up the entrance when I arrived was a bit of a shock and although the gym and pool was operational, it didn't really appeal. On to Cardiff but instead of getting there mid afternoon when it was still light so I could run, I was delayed getting away and didn't get there until evening when it was too dark to run, not helped by half an hour getting lost trying to find the hotel. Then instead of going up to York, I ended up having to go to London. No gym in the hotel there and although it was fine, the area round Victoria Station wasn't where I wanted to run on my own. So by the time I got back home to Edinburgh on Wednesday night I'd expended lots of nervous energy and a modest amount of physical but not real exercise.

And the C25k T-shirt - when I got to my first hotel, I realised I had forgotten to put in a nightdress and ended up using my T-shirt instead!

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A stressful week~ I hope next week is more straight forward and you get some nice runs under your belt :)


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