Running with my son and trying not to feel smug

Came home from work and was getting ready for my run when my son asked if he could come too. He does weights and things at the gym and a bit of treadmill work. So off we went chatting during the warm up walk. It's the first time I'd been with someone and quite hard to talk and walk (chewing gum would have been triply hard!). However once we started jogging I realised he was breathing harder than me. By the time we got to the park he was asking how long I kept this up for and after a stop to re-tie his shoes, decided to head home while I went round the playing fields. Managed to do a bit of hill running too.

Made me realise (again) how effective the programme is and will gently suggest he tries the podcasts too.

BTW I'm 57 and 5ft 3in, he's 22 and 6ft (and lovely).


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7 Replies

  • Nice one ! :-)

  • Really like this :)

  • Love it! I think you have Warner the right to feel smug, at least on the inside!

  • Definitely, a little smugness is well-earned. Plus, I am sure, you have been a good influence on your son, who will surely now take that treadmill time more seriously!

  • LOL. took my grandchildren (12 and almost 9) for wk 5 r3 some weeks ago and they thought if Grandma does it how hard could it be ?.... Found they couldn't do 8 minute runs and set me up very nicely with loads of confidence for wk5 r3 and the 20 minute run later that week :) Haven't been able to get them out since, though!

  • Love it....!

  • Took my 10 year old son out once (when I was about week 4) and he sat down part way through and waited for me to come round on another lap, then just cheered me on until I made him join in to walk home! Told his Dad later that "What Mummy does is really hard! She really can run!" And that was only on week 4 !! He hasn't been out with me since!

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