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Cardio, cardio, cardio!

I only went and ran for 20 minutes without stopping! Blimey, who'da thunk it? I have to say I was completely terrified of this run - I thought Laura was having a joke. From 8 minutes to 20?! But then I reminded myself that Laura is not out to get me - if she thinks I can do it, then I must be able to do it!

I was trying every possible excuse to get out of doing it on Thursday evening after work. The freezing cold rain (almost sleet IMHO) was enough of an excuse but then I started feeling like I actually WANTED to go out for a run. So I braved the elements and ran in the freeeeezing cold rain and pitch black darkness along the promenade (the flattest area I could find to give myself a fighting chance of completing the 20 minutes!).

I had a little panic after 5 minutes that I probably wasn't going to make it, especially as I started getting crampy pains in my calves. But I used the power of rational thought (!) and I just slowed down a little and stuck with it. I can't even explain how awesome I felt when I'd finished!! I don't think I even managed a 20 minute run when I was at school! I covered 2k in that time, so I'm quite a long way off doing 5k in 30 minutes, but as my husband keeps reminding me

And I had a nod from a 'real' runner - he had no idea that I'm a fake!! I felt like I'd joined a club lol.

So my journey is over half way complete now. I can't recommend this program enough. To get a games-dodging, ex-smoker who's been slightly overweight all her life, running voluntarily in the cold and dark for 20 whole minutes without stopping and/or crying...well it's nothing short of a miracle quite frankly!

I just keep thinking that at least now I have the cardio fitness to probably be able to outrun the zombies if there was an apocalypse (you need to have seen Zombieland to get that - I'm not just crackers I promise).

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Well done Ange123! :D I love reading W5R3 blogs - other than my first 5k and grad run, this was definitely my favourite of the whole programme. It's a wonderful sense of achievement and such a surprise as it is quite a jump!

Congratulations on your success and good luck with week 6 and onwards :)


Just completed W4/R3 tonight and a bit nervous about what's in store W5.

Great post, perfect timing! Looking forward to it now...



Oh yeah and, well done!!!


Well done, I'm with Fraz, W5R3 blogs are great, because you don't believe it's possible and then feel amazing when you do it :-)


True about reading W5R3 blogs!!!!! :-) Laura will never mislead us as this program proves over and over again! Well done you! I was never a runner before and my thoughts on exercise was retail shopping or surfing the net until I started C25K. I can now run 40 straight minutes!!!! Don't worry about distance, it will come eventually as you build stamina. A 5K takes me 37 minutes...I may be slow, but I'm a runner! You are well on your way to a lifetime of running success! Gayle


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