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week 5 run 2 - history made!!!

Still can't quite believe I ran for 20 minutes non stop, especially as it's taken me 50 years to do it!!

At school I never enjoyed sports, except the gym equipment (lucky to have such a modern school) and the best I achieved was to run (well walk and talk to mates for some of it) a mile in 10.5 minutes.

Absolutely no more running (except after young boys!) until I was 42 when I joined a gym, and managed 10 minutes non stop running

Fast forward to yesterday, had come down with a cold so disappointed that my body may not be able to take it, so dosed up with flu plus then off I went. It must be the slowest ever pace anyone has ever run, but running it was. I only had a minor wobble after 3 minutes when I thought I phsycialy wouldn't do it, but turned the speed down a little on the treadmill and once I hit 5 minutes thought that if I'd done 25% then would really be disappointed if I didn't finish.

Really beginning to be bored by the music but really wanted Laura's words of encouragement so had mp3 earphone in one ear and the tv plugged into a spare set of earphones for the other ear. Worried I may look odd til I caught side of my red face and running style in the mirror and realised nothing could make me look worse!

First time on this plan i've felt a little stiff in the morning but can't wait to get to week 9 now, well doen to everyone else who got this far too, it feels great, eh!!!

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Brilliant - it's hard enough when you are feeling well, to do this with a bad cold is awesome.


Good for you for getting the job done especially when you're not feeling great! It's not a problem to take an extra days rest between run - I nearly always leave 2 days to look after my niggly knees! Best wishes for your running!


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