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B210K W1R1 - aka Jack Frost's little secrets or how to avoid a muddy face plant!

Started off with the best intentions this morning. Bounded out of bed with an enthusiasm that has been sadly missing since graduation. Thoroughly enjoyed my warm up walk and the first 10 minute interval, admiring Jack Frost's handy work as I went along. What a beautiful crisp winters morning it was. (Let's face it, it really is winter. Autumn, like summer seems to last only a week these days).

I had decided to try and tackle part of the Clywedog Trail near where I live. I had tried to do this once before and those who have read my blogs from way back might remember an incident where I had to go under a bridge, along a walkway by the river, except the walkway was under water due to the flooding a month or so ago. On that occasion, I misjudged the depth and found myself wading almost knee deep in water and soon got myself out of there!

But it's been fairly dry of late so now I'm upping the distance, I thought I'd give it another crack. The walkway was dry and when I got out the other side at the start of my second 10 minute interval, the fields were crisp and though there were muddy parts, they were frosted over so I felt I would be ok. WRONG!! I soon came across a churned up pass from one field to another which was completely frosted over and while I had a split second of doubt, I decided to go for it. Well I lost one trainer and then the other within 2 paces, falling forwards into the mud. It was only my newly gloved hands (I bought them yesterday *sob*) that stopped me from doing a full on face plant!!! :O

Well I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I swore instead. A lot! I picked myself up, absolutely caked in lashings of mud, yanked my trainers out and waded to firmer ground. My socks are dead unfortunately and my feet just felt horrible in the trainers with no socks on. I really had no option but to waddle home as quickly as possible so that no one would see me. Thank goodness I went out early this morning! Wrong again! Every dog walker in the universe seemed to have had the same smart arsed idea and the looks I got while I tried to jog along nonchalantly were something else. Ah well at least they've had their morning entertainment!

So the washing is on, my running shoes are drying out before I scrub them down and dry them off, then I'm going out again at tea time. I only did about 15 minutes of running in the end this morning so it's worth another shot. Only this time I'm sticking to pavements!!

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Fraz you have made my morning :-D


It seems I've made many people's mornings!! :D


Oh dear !!! Better luck this evening.

I "christened" my new trail shoes in the mud and puddles this morning but it wasn't as dramatic as your adventures ;-)


good luck :) hope your evening run isnt as eventful as your morning one. x


Just did it Shelley - all went fine :)


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