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Well, I did it. It was very slow again but I kept up the jogging. I hope that I get to a point where I actually feel like I'm running for the last 10 mins rather than just hobbling with intent!

Also, a man tried to ask me for directions while I was jogging. I didn't stop but tried to give them as I was jogging along. He gave in and made a very rude gesture. This is the second time this has happened to me, does anyone else suffer the same?

S x

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yeah, all the time. I just smile and signal that I'm busy. End of.

Worse still, I have to tie my shoe laces up sometimes, but I can do that in about 4 seconds now!

Well done :-)


I double knot my shoes! I'm slow anyway, tying again would only slow me more!!! ;-)


btw, what rude gesture did he make, pray?


We have a few good ones here in the U.S. ;-)


It involved two fingers being shown to me! Went out this morning and thankfully no directions needed giving. x


Could it be what we call in the U.S. "flipping the bird" ;-) great job on keeping at it! I find most people leave me alone but it could be the fact I'm red and looking like I'm going to pass out. :-) Gayle


People leave me alone too! Thirty years teaching has left me with a kind of presence, let's say, suffice a certain look of mine to scare people off when I so wish! Anyway, we've just had a conference on all that is taboo and in the final group photo we all gesticulated in our own language...some interesting hand and finger work I can assure you ;-)


ha ha!! brilliant! love the fact that you didnt stop!!

well done on your run Samla!

slow but sure wins the race!

speed will come later on I think- at the moment just concentrate on keeping moving!!

let us know how you progress

ali :-)


"hobbling with intent" I LOVE THAT!!! You are trying to avoid "hobbling with intent"...I have completed full 5K runs by doing it!! I like to stress the INTENT part, hobbling is just a byproduct of what I wish I could do!! :-)

Hobbling or all out sprinting...what is important is that you are completing every run!! YOU ARE DOING IT!! As for the direction askers, if they wanted directions very bad, they would hustle along-side you to listen...pooey on someone who is walking or standing around!! :-)

Keep Hobbling with Intent!!!! :-)



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