Not the best start

I finished W2 feeling brilliant about it, and really keen to keep going. Then with the first step when I started jogging for my first run of W3 it felt like I'd been whacked in the ankles with something; I (foolishly) managed to get past it and run normally, but I seem to have managed to give myself achilles tendonitis. A week later, I tried another run this morning but again it was clear immediately I tried jogging that it wasn't going to work.

How long is this going to last?! (Only half a rhetorical question)

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  • Sounds like you need to rest and then try again. You will get there in the end. Hope it doesnt last too long x

  • Thanks, I've been resting and icing as much as possible, but as I live on a boat I'm getting a bit cabin fevery!

  • Hopefully others with experience of this will give you some suggestions. A boat sounds lovely to live on but not so great when you are curtailed in this way. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

  • If you have been using the RICE treatment and it is no better..maybe get it checked out?

    Otherwise, exercises and Achilles support.. some useful ankle supports around.

    Are your running shoes okay too ? Also, are you running towpaths, if so are they flat and surfaced or regular towpaths which are uneven, I am just wondering if terrain is playing a part?

    So many questions and it isn't even 7 am. :) Hope this sorts for you :)

  • Well, it's not that it isn't *any* better. It is improving, just more slowly than I was hoping. After over a week off I might have to go back and start at the beginning again, which would be very annoying.

    My running shoes are fairly basic (I couldn't quite justify spending huge amounts of money when I'd never succeeded in running more than twice in a row before) but still running shoes and they had been feeling pretty good. Terrain-wise, it's all been pavements and pedestrianised areas, a gentle incline the most exciting landscape.

  • It is a pain isn't it.. literally, when things drag on. Sounds as if you are doing everything right anyway!

    Not sure what your next move could be...strength and flex exercises ill help retain fitness, and a slow, slow try out run.

    The ankle support could help, I have this which I used at the start;

    and I do have heel shock absorbers in both shoes.. my shoes are not top of the range either.

    These, I find are great :)

  • Yeah, I've been doing strength training for a while so was going to continue with that. Although I don't think they did all that much for my cardiovascular fitness, given how hard I found the first few runs!

    If it does continue to be problematic, I may well get something for ankle support. I'm kind of hoping the problem goes away before anything would be delivered (I'm in Spain, so delivery takes longer).

  • I have just had two weeks off with the same issue, I had got to week 7 with some twinges all over the body, but after run1 of week 7 it was obvious the ankle was more than just a 'minor twinge' so on the great advice of friends on here, I have been resting and stretching regularly, I knew shoes were OK, as I had gait analysis done, but years of not running, coupled with being overweight and having tight calf tendons obviously my ankle had gone into shock.

    So I have rested, bought an ankle support and started back on the programme slowly, I needed 2 weeks of rest before going back, and am restarting week 7 slowly. (not that I can jog any slower really!๐Ÿ˜ณ)

    The local running shop told me to be careful to not over stride, and to make sure I am stretching well, before and after.

    Rest day yesterday, and did have a little niggle in ankle whilst walking around work, but at moment it feels fine - so going to go for week 7 R2 tonight!

    I know how frustrating it is but you must listen to your body, otherwise you will do much more damage and not be able to continue with this wonderful programme.

    well done on starting and good luck look forward to hearing about your progress when your better, ๐Ÿ˜„

  • I suspect that the calf muscles might have done it for me as well. They were just starting to loosen up and not ache massively after a run at the point when my ankle made its own protest. Hopefully mine will be happy again after another week of rest - I have been very kind to it, as there's no particular need for me to leave the boat at all (I work from home).

    Glad to hear you're up and running again, I hope I'll be doing the same as you in a few weeks!

  • I think the one bad thing about the programme is that it doesn't include for, or recommend, any warm up or cool down stretches. I am injured at the moment and my physio says cool down stretches are vital. Good luck, don't go out again too soon.

  • I would totally recommend getting your gait analysed for a second time if you've already had it done - I have had this problem & it turns out on visiting a physio that my gait analysis was incorrect. A physio is great as well if you can see one.

  • Well, I had about two weeks off, but went out again this morning and did the week 2 run, figuring I'd need to build myself back up again. I was relieved to find that it was easier than I remembered any of my previous week 2 runs being, so I can't have lost too much of the fitness I'd built up! I've also bought an ankle support compression bandage in case I have any other issues. Thanks for the advice everyone!

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