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Any advice for a nervous beginner?

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I've downloaded the first week's podcast, and I've promised myself I'm gonna get started tomorrow. Very nervous though - I've had so many bad experiences with running! (generally cos I'm so unfit!!). I'm a stone over weight though, and I'm not gonna shift it by diet alone, so I'm ready to give this a good try :)

Does anyone have any advice / tips or things that they wish they'd known when they started? Any thoughts greatly appreciated! Also,are you expected to do the running bit at 10km an hour, in order to eventually run the 5k in half an hour? I don't think I can run that fast! Thanks

12 Replies
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Get with the Nike vibe.... in other words - just do it.

Seriously. Forget speed or km per hour. Just start and keep going. Forget the past and all the bad experiences. This whole programme is tailored to the unfit and the overweight - it's builds slowly but keeps you challenged.

Erm. basically that's it.

Let us know how you get on? And I'm betting that the stone will melt off if you stick to the programme and keep going. And... just do it.

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The hardest part of the programme for me (& still the hardest part of any run) is getting out the door. It still takes mental effort to get off the couch.

I would invest in some proper running gear - at least good shoes to prevent injury and make running more comfortable. A good sports bra was also invaluable.

I'd lost a couple of stone before starting to run (diet & swimming) but the scales haven't changed much since I started running. However, my clothes are looser, I fit into smaller sizes, people keep commenting on how much weight I've lost & I'm more toned. I wish I'd taken my measurements @ regular intervals & not relied on the scale as I suspect my fat has been replaced by muscle.

Don't worry about speed, just follow the podcasts at a pace you can manage. Lots of people finish the programme running 30 mins but not 5k in that time. It gives you something to work on post graduation!

Good luck & enjoy it

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Thank you guys, I really appreciate your thoughts and support - I'll let you know how it goes!

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Hi pineapple81 ditto on the above...Just get out there and do it is the best advice...take it one week at a time and try not to over think things. When I first started I thought I would never ever be able to run for 10minutes straight now I am up to W8 and running for over 25 minutes so just go with it, you can do this I know....Good Luck and Enjoy it.

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Hi pineapple81 this is a great programme, do what Laura says and you will be fine. I am 73 took it very slowly and graduated in September ,lost 1/2 stone and blood pressure down good luck pat :-) l

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Hi pineapple81. I'm only in the middle of week 2 and I've found it fantastic that I can actually do it. I'm not worried about speed, just jogging at a speed I can manage is great. I actually have no idea what my speed might be but I know it isn't fast. If I can get to the end of week 9 and can run non stop for 30 minutes I'll be ecstatic.

Whenever I've tried to run in the past my knees have given me too much pain so I've stopped. I think I probably always tried to do too much too soon. Using this plan has been pain free for me and I'm sure that is because it build us up gently.

So, go for it and enjoy it. :-)

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Hi pineapple, like you I had never got on with exercise before C25K. I now realise that that was because 1. I tried to do too much too soon. 2. I did not exercise often enough thinking that long intense session once or twice a week would get me fit. Result I generally quit after a few weeks.

My advice - Take it easy - don't push for speed or distance too soon. Plenty of time after week 9 to push onwards and upwards.

Stick to the programme including rest days. If you have to be doing something you can cycle or swim but take the breaks from running. Your body needs the break to repair and avoid injury.

If you're really struggling with a run or a week, it's ok to repeat until you can complete the run but if you complete a run even if it's hard then push on. C25K is designed to be hard but not too hard and to increase your fitness a little bit with every run.

Don't just look at the scales - take measurements. I didn't and like Vitty really regret it. You may not lose tons of weight (especially in the early weeks you are just not putting in enough distance to burn loads of calories) but you will see a change in your shape.

Be aware that running (and blogging on this site) is addictive!

Good luck and happy running :-)

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Hi I am really unfit. I have just done my second rin of week 1 and I feel really pleased. I jog really slow. Good luck and go for it.

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Hi pineapple, you have already got off to a good start by down loading the programme, you've got in touch on here so you now have loads of good support. All you have to do now is put on your trainers and open the door, simples! Don't worry about speed, don't worry that you will puff and pant for the first few weeks, once you get your breathing sorted out you'll find things much easier. Last of all 1 stone over weight is nothing, I was 3 stone when I started, couldn't see my feet when I looked down. There is plenty of time to work on speed the main aim of this programme is to be able to run without stopping for 30 minutes, those that manage to cover the 5K in that time are the lucky ones. Good luck and keep posting your achievements and asking the questions, there is always someone who will help.

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Guys, thank you so much for all your encouraging words and, you know, you were all right! I've just finished the first run and it actually wasn't as hard as I was expecting. Kinda looking forward to the next one now!

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Nice one, well done! Keep up the good work and keep us posted on your progress.

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I couldn’t run without panting like a dog after a minute when I started

I invested in some proper running shoes from outset and it makes all the difference.

I’m now up to week 8 jogging for 28 minutes non stop - still can’t quite believe it.

Main thing is believe in the programme as I don’t know how but it really works. Good luck on your journey.

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