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Ouch - advice needed for a beginner

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Ok so I'm brand new to running and could do with some advice :(

I'm a 44 year old wanting to improve my physical and mental wellbeing and so began to try a c25k.

At first my hip and knees hurt. I invested in some proper trainers at a specialist running shop which sorted that but I have another problem, I keep getting a stitch.

It's always on the same side (my right) and it goes when I walk but comes back the minute I start running again.

I'm doing the c25k course in a group run by council and have just done W2r1 which I just managed but it was very uncomfortable.

What should I do breathing wise (though I'm sure that sounds daft) should I breathe in time with steps or something?


11 Replies
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Hi, I'm no expert but I think that stitches happen if you run too soon after a meal. HTH

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I hadn't eaten since lunch and this was at 5.30 so I thought I'd be ok. :(

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Hello! Well done on starting the programme. If you eat before you run, allow at least an hour and half after before you run, and be mindful of what you eat. Ensure you are well hydrated before you run.

Good luck!

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I'll try the hydration as I hadn't eaten for a good 3 hours. Maybe I hadn't had enough water

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Hydrate the day before you run. Its the water in your cells, not the water in your belly that helps. 3-4 litres the day before.

And just slow down. that will probably resolve the struggling and stitching.

Slow down is the answer to about 90% of all new runners queries. You may think you are going slow but you can always go slower.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to Rignold

Oh yes.. there is always slower :)

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Thanks I'll give that a go it seems very hit and miss sometimes I don't get it other times it's painful.

I guess it's very early days and things will improve in time.

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As well as slowing down, taking deep breaths and releasing them fairly slowly can help stitch.

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Thanks I'm due to due w2r2 tonight so will try this too :)

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Hi wildwookie - my daughter suffers from stitches so did a bit of research on them. From what Ive read... stretching is supposed to really help... side stretches, sit ups and crunches before a a run.

She's only 8 lol but a fast walk would give her a painful stitch so when we started the programme together we stretched first... and she was fine.

It's worth a go 😇

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Will try that too. Thanks :)

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