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New addition... yippee

I came on here tonight after completing my run, and imagine my surprise when I found a nice green shiny Graduate next to my name :D it's taken 9 weeks to get here, I feel better about my running, and just want to get out there. I've found that not only can I not cope with stepping stones, but can't deal with stamina either.... so it looks like I'm out there on my own for a while. I have finally found a "from 5K to 10K" podcast series but I've got to check it out. The woman has a really really irritating voice and I think the tunes might have rather a lot of swearing in, but having said that, I tend not to listen to half of the stuff on the podcasts, they are just there in the background so I think I'll give it a go. I'll let you know how I get on with it :p

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Woohoo - green, shiny badge - you've earnt it.

The podcasts sound .. .interesting ;-) Do you like running solo (i.e. without any music or voices)?


Funnily enough I did so for the first time at the Poppy Run on Sunday, iPod was on with Nike+ but no headphones, but haven't tried it on my own yet. Strangely I ran a lot steadier without the music, although that might have been because we were on the flat also. Going to try parkrun on Saturday so I'll see how that goes, it might be that I need to do without the music


Keep that badge shined up!! You earned it!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve :)


Well Done Eshaz - sounds like you're really getting into your own groove which, I think, is what being a proper runner is all about :-).

Let us know what the podcasts are like - sad to say I'm going to miss the discipline of Laura and would love to hear how they go for you.

Cheers and keep on groovin' with or without muzak, Sara :-)


Still waiting for mine-though i know it is on the way, as had a message from John yesterday, as NewbieRunner! he sure is getting his pants in a twist this week, as so many of us Graduated 2 weeks ago. Lovely to see your badge eshaz14 :-).

Keep on running!

Colette xx


Yeeeeah! It's there!! Wooo, Wooo!

Laura does the podcasts for Stepping Stones Sara. One thing that was depressing me was that I would not have Laura-but someone, I can't remember who now, assured me she continues. I have only done one run-last Monday-as full of cold and cough. Aiming for next Monday to continue if recovered.

I strongly recommend the Stepping Stones pods-will help you no end Sara.

Hope this helps :-0



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