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5K woohoo!

After far more weeks than the course should cover, what with my forgetting to go out, doing weeks more than once, and eventually giving up and heading indoors to the nearest gym each week instead of the country park... I have crossed the 5k line!

Rather than go for distance, once I started treadmilling, I decided the best plan was to work on time, and worked up to running 30 min (although, the full stint on the machine times me at 40 min, including my warm-up walk and the 5 min cool-down program). Then started building up speed, from a measly 4.5 mph on my first run, to 5.2 mph night before last.

It took me the whole 30 min running time, and right to the end of the cool-down to make 5k, but I was so pleased when I got there!!

Will repeat the same run next time, so I am sure I can do it.... then, bring on the incline, ha-ha!

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Well done that's great. I haven't got to 5k yet i'm at about 4.7 including warm up and cool down so nearly but not quite.


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