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W1 R4 - Doing 5 runs to build me up for the full programme.

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Wow...so I can happily say I have done 4 runs. Chubby Jenn has run 4 times, in joggers, running shoes and everything! Madness.

My poor partner is venturing out with me to keep me going in the early hours, for which I am very grateful! The support here has been fantastic, really inspiring me to carry on so thank you all!

Since my last blog post I have done W1 R3, and a fourth one.The third was dire, I covered more distance but felt absolutely rotten, like someone had pulled the plug. I'm not sure if I'm pushing too hard to "run" and it is wearing me out so that I don't feel like I have progressed, so now I'm following Laura to the letter.

My biggest fear at the moment is W2...how have people found the progression? I'm worried that at the moment up to 60 seconds is tough...I think I could push to 70/80 but it would hurt! Maybe I'm just a wimp...I will do my best and reblog.

I have also noticed my appetite has disappeared, and I'm not sure why? I'm actually having to force myself to eat meals, when I'm usually starving. I have PCOS, and have been told regular exercise can help my insulin levels so maybe thats the reason? Anyone else had similar issues?

Anyway I'm rambling now...so thank you everyone for all of the messages and good luck with your week :)

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Very well done Jenn, you are doing great!

Yes try and stick to the programme because it's made to get us to the end gradually and really does work if you follow it. It can seem really daunting when the running times are upped each week but if you use the recovery walks to do just that, recover, take deep breaths so your lungs are ready, you will be fine. Just go at an easy pace to suit you, keep your head up and think positive thoughts - you are running, woo hoo!!

It's great too that your fiance is supporting you like that; a big pat on the back to him!!

Good luck for week 2!

Sue x

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nextjennGraduate in reply to SBG356

Hi Sue!!

Thank you so much, I did my fifth run this morning and felt so much better about it. Really starting to believe I can do W2. Sunday we will see, I'm going for it! The programme is amazing, so glad I came across it and this community.

We are running aren't we?! Absolute madness!

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nextjenn - you are not a wimp!!

you're up and running. early days but still up and running.

im only on week two myself and my final run of that week is tomorrow. I may end up having to do the week again because im finding it hard going. Everyone is different I suppose. But for me, the step up from week one to week two was pretty hard, but its not stopping me! Grrr!!

Sue is right though, we need to recover between runs and that includes rest days. Dont be pushing yourself too hard. this is a program and we need to build ourselves up to graduation.


Keep running and posting

:-) Ali

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nextjennGraduate in reply to AuntieAli

Hi Ali,

If you can do it, then so can I! Thank you for the inspiration, even if I have to repeat it I will. I'm already feeling generally more healthy, stairs and walks into town are easy!

I love the "YOU BET YOUR RUNNING SOCKS WE'LL GRADUATE!!"...Made me chuckle to myself at work!

Good luck for your next week, you can do it!


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Hi Jenn I'm a chubby too. Well more like a fatty actually but that's part of why I'm here. Burning 1000 calories a week trotting round the park can't do any harm can it.

I found the transitions daunting too but all I could do was try. Take your time, honestly. I couldn't do week 4 and I tried all 3 runs, different routes and different times of day and I came nowhere near and I felt 'useless'. However I was enjoying it so much I didn't give up I moved back to week 3 which I'd completed with difficulty and I'm staying there until I can do it with ease. Then I'll push to week 4 at my own pace...

Can I just say, in my own experience, it's not 'catching my breath' that's the problem. I'm not gasping my way through the runs it's because I'm big. I've got heavy legs too. It's physical pain I'm feeling and tiredness - on just 3 minutes. The 90 second 'breather' doesn't help there. I had considered losing a couple of stone before trying again when I failed week 4 but I'm enjoying it too much :-)

Would have loved to have done it in 9 weeks (or even 12) but I'll get there in the end

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nextjennGraduate in reply to deekay64


I think the repeating weeks approach is fantastic, its not as if you lose out as you are still running for 20 minutes! I'm trusting Laura for now and feel I can at least try W2. What will be will be, but I'm going for it! Love the flexibility of this programme and to hear personally how each person works their way through it.

I completely understand the physical pain. My breath is fine, its just how much weight I am carrying that hurts. I've started taking fish oil and glucosamine in anticipation of sore knees and ankles with my "bulk"! I'm sure the running will help regardless.

Keep running, we will be skinny whipets in no time!

Good luck :)

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Don't worry - it took me 50 runs rather than the standard 27 to graduate. I'm still nowhere near 5k in 30 minutes, and do you know what? It doesn't bother me at all, because I run regularly. I'm about 5 stone overweight (officially - grrr BMI) and I am so much fitter than I was before I started. You'll find advice on here to repeat runs if you need to and also you'll find people who recommend that you push yourself to the next run because the programme works. You just need to find what works for you, that's all. Keep going - you can do this :)

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nextjennGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

I'm around 5 stone over too, just hearing BMI makes me cringe! I honestly think the exercise though makes you so much healthier, the weight will move in its own time. The fact I can run upstairs and breathe is fantastic and I just enjoy feeling better in myself.

I'm going for W2 though, and I will report back. Seeing gradute tags next to peoples names keeps me going, so thank you so much :)

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We could form a '5-stone overweight club' ha ha ha :-)

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nextjennGraduate in reply to deekay64

We could!!

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WELL DONE YOU! :-) Go as slow as you need! The main concern is going slow so you know you can finish each run without getting frustrated with the program and quitting. You are building stamina right now, speed will come later. At the beginning I wasn't sure how I wanted to approach repeating runs. I finally decided as long as I always finished each run, regardless of the struggle, I would move on. Each run/week was a challenge, but it is doable and nothing feels as good as the sense of achievement after a run. :-) You are doing fantastic and a pat on the back to your partner for supporting you! Gayle

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nextjennGraduate in reply to gdeann

Thank you for your reply, I think I'm going along the same lines as you. As long as I can complete it, then I will move forward.

I love getting home after a good run, feels amazing!

Thanks :)

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Don't worry about it, Nextjenn. Seriously, trust in the programme and don't doubt it or, more importantly, yourself. You CAN do this. Just take each run as it comes and don't believe negative thoughts - they're just thoughts. Believe in your body's ability to get stronger and enjoy it. Because it will - it will love the fact that you're exercising and able to burn more calories and build muscle and tendon and ligament strength. This is one of the best things you can do for yourself. And I have total faith in you. Stick to the programme unless you really feel that you need an extra session, and remember that anything worth doing is hard, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it. My mantra is 'You're stronger than you think.'. You are.

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nextjennGraduate in reply to Vivwestie

I read your post before I went out this morning...and ta daa, W2R1 complete! Thank you so much for spurring me on, I am stronger then I thought!! I'm trusting Laura and taking in all the advice I can from you lovely people :)

We can do this!!!

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