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UPDATE: Kick up the bum.... PLEASE!!!!!!

Firstly can i say thank you to Mitts, Sinope82, Ca66ie99, gdeann, AuntieAli and Ginthestring for giving me a well need kick up the bum yesterday! Well to be honest it was gentle encouragement rather than physical violence!!!

However, it got me back off the couch and into my running gear again, HURRAY!!!!!

I left work a little early last night, went straitght home and out for a run. I was a little unsure which week to re-do but thought i'd go for the dreaded W5R3 as a tester!!

For the first 5 mins i thought my lungs would give up the will to live but after about 8 mins i was steady away. I was very pleased with myself that i managed the full 20 mins without stopping after having such a long break. Granted, my thighs and bum are aching this morning!!!

I might try W6R3 on friday!

Thank you all xxxxxx

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Nothing like jumping in at the deep end! :-D

Well done and now you're started there'll be no stopping you, I can tell you've caught the running bug again! Have a nice hot hot bath now!


Welcome back, Shellie!!! It sounds like quite a successful return to running so far!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Brilliant Shellie-yes we all need a proverbial kick up the bum sometimes. it certainly worked for you :-). I didn't read your blog, but you must have been feeling low.

Hope you had that nice hot bath, and your thighs and bum are feeling less painful this morning.

I can sympathise, as I ran week 7 in a gale and felt as though I'd had a Thai massage for a few days after, lol!!

Good luck and keep motivated. keep on Running Shellie.

Colette xx


WELL DONE YOU! We all need a bum kicking every so often! RUN SHELLIE RUN! :-) Gayle


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