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Full of cold & really fed up :o(

Over a week since i last got out for a run and i am so fed up!!! I just can't shake of this cold. I really want to try and get out but i know i shouldn't my chest is all clogged up & the cold air is really not good for breathing. However at the same time i'm really pleased. The fact that i'm off work full of cold and being driven crazy by day time telly and the thing im really missing is running is fantastic!!! I can't believe how much C25K has changed me. I know that having a week off may set me back a bit but i also know that because i really enjoy getting out there i will enjoy getting back to where i was before.

Thankyou so much C25K you've changed my life (o:

Anyone out there struggling or thinking about giving this a go, go for it it may be hard work at times but it is sooooooo worth it!!

Now back to my cold & flu medicine, i have a cold to get rid of ;o)

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Sounds like a rotten cold you've got! Having a week off C25k might not cause you any problems, in fact, you might be really surprised at how well you feel! Good luck!


Hi sinope82-seems like a virtual virus is hitting the blogsite! I have it too, and so have others'! You can't force it out of your system by worrying-so embrace and enjoy the rest. I'm on my 3rd day off (seems a lot longer to me) and again, like you, I'm missing the running.

Maybe Laura cooked it up to make us keep going after graduation? :D Odd that I Graduated, then went down with this.

Get well soon :-)


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