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speed training (W10R2) and packing for my holiday :-)

Yesterday I was a good girl, and did my run, despite the fact that I was still very tired, not hungover you understand, ;-) from the brilliant costume party I went to on Saturday night. I thought it would be good to do the training near the tennis club, as it's in a private estate with nice smooth roads. I knew it would be a little hilly, but thought I could manage ok if I stayed at the flatter end of the hill, just some small inclines. I did pretty good, but boy is it hard to run at 150 bpm! It felt so slow. I'm not a fast runner, I barely hit the 'fast jog' zone most runs, but this felt super slow, it was hard. However, the 165bpm made up for it :-o Overall, I enjoyed the speed training and I was able to squeeze it in to a busy day, in time to do my yinyoga.

Tomorrow I was planning to run further along the Thames or in Richmond park, as I have to drop my daughter in Kingston, but my shoulder/neck pain is back with a vengeance. I think I slept awkwardly on it last night, so I will have to see how I feel and then decide whether I run or not.

I am planning to run while I'm on holiday though, so I will be packing my trainers and running gear. I just hope I can manage in the heat, but I will be thinking of all of you, slogging away in the cold, the dark, the wind and the rain (and the snow, for some of you) while I run around Universal studios and Harry Potter World with my daughter :-D Bring it on!!

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Vixie, happy to read you're up and running! I wonder when that badge is going to arrive? I tried stepping stones and can't decide if I liked it or not. You must be coming to the U.S. on holiday? Enjoy the warm weather, we are in the cold part of the U.S. and love it when we have the warm summer months. Have a fun and safe trip! Gayle


Hi, yes we're off to Florida tomorrow, it's not exactly 'my sort of holiday', but it should be a wonderful holiday for my daughter, she's been dying to go to Harry Potter World since it opened! I will enjoy being somewhere warm (and hopefully dry, after our very very rainy year in the UK) and seeing her have a lot of fun and we get to spend some lovely time together, just the two of us :-)

We are planning to run while we're there. I woke up thinking about whether we could organise a quick fundraiser while we are there, to help with supplies for those who were unlucky enough to be in the path of Sandy. Not sure if it's doable, but I will have a chat to the rep when we arrive, I'm sure we could get a few people to sponsor a 'dash for cash' collection between some of the hotels near the parks, every dollar helps. Will let you know if we manage to organise something.


Such an awesome idea Vixie!!!! All of the victims of Sandy will be very appreciative!!! How old is the daughter? Our youngest, soon to be 14 went through the Harry potter stage as well. Not my cup of tea, but it kept her entertained for awhile! Enjoy Florida! I have high hopes of making it there sometime!


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