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Speed training agonies

I went to a speed training session at running club tonight. Gosh, that was tough!

By the time we'd got to the starting point for the speed session, we'd covered almost 3km, most of which was a long relentless uphill slog.

Then we had 3 x 400m sessions, getting progressively harder.

This was just a warm up for the 800m sessions ! I managed three of those, each starting off with an uphill slope. Although I hurt more on the last one, mentally I found it easier and even managed my own version of a sprint finish (probably a feeble jog to anyone else). I even overtook a couple of people.

By the end of the session, we'd covered over 9 km in all - quite a lot for a speed training night !

I felt fine at the end, sore calves and cold swollen hands but nothing to worry about, chatted for a while, drove home, then got uncontrollable shivers for half an hour. Now I just ache. My arms are weary and my legs are sore.

There's plenty of room for improvement but I'm pretty sure I did my best.

I'm quietly contented. If a little knackered :-(

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Oh that sounds soooo hard...good on you sfb350....I dont know how you kept on going....I admire you greatly..... Cheers to you.... :-)


Gracious sfb - WOW!! Are you in shock? I would be, or rather i know my body would be shivering all over with shock at what I'd put it through - lol :-)!

You MUST be a real stoic to have got through all of that and uphill too. I was thinking of the people you passed.... They're probably posting on here, like a lot of us have done, saying 'i may have been passed by everyone but i did it!!'

Well done you and 9kms to boot- you obviously graduated years ago! You are amazing, CONGRATULATIONS, Sara :-) xx


I didn't start the program until February and I'm still pretty slow but last night did make me feel I've got it in me to improve.

We're very lucky to have such a good coach at our running club, plus the faster runners are very encouraging. She's lovely too, although if we claim to have enjoyed the session she says she'll have to make the next one harder :-( I do think that doing speed sessions in a group helps me push harder than I would if running alone.

I'm pleased to find I can still walk this morning :-)



OMG, that is scary, but what a fantastic achievement, well done! I think it is much easier in a crowd, I know that I don't wuss out so easily, although you'd have lost me on the first speed training run probably. Still, it gives me something to dream about and put into my 'very long term' goals list.

In the meantime, I kneel before you, oh great one :-)


Heck ! No kneeling - from what I've read you're probably quicker than me anyway !!

Yoga tonight, nearly fell asleep....


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