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No parkruns for a while (except next Saturday), and little direction...just a rant, nothing to see here, move along

I've signed up to a training course, that will run on most Saturdays between now and the end of April/beginning of May. There will be the odd one off, here and there, but it does mean that I will have very little chance to join the parkruns for a while and no Saturday running at all. During the week is still fine for the moment, so it's not going to cause me a major hardship. My target is to join Parkrun at least once per month, which I should still be able to manage. This coming Saturday will tick off my January run.

I noticed today that my local sweatshop does a 5K run on Thursday evenings, so perhaps I will do that sometimes (although not sure I would join in snow and ice in the dark!) I will do my longer runs on a Sunday, perhaps while my daughter is doing her squash training (or drag her for a run after, as she's supposed to be training for a 12K at school on March 15th!)

I'm wondering what comes next, I've lost direction a little. I feel a bit in limbo. Not in a gloomy sort of way, just noticed that I don't have a plan, no clear direction. I am still training for 10K, but not terribly hard, I think I need to find one and get it in the diary. The Bookham 10k is on 3rd Feb, and although I am sure I can run 10k, I'm not sure if I can run almost all of it off road this soon (especially as I may be physically tired from the previous day's training).

I'm sure I'll figure it out. I will have to dig around for the details of the 8K trail run, maybe I'll get that one in the diary for the spring and start there. At least running is top of mind still :-)

I hope everyone is enjoying their running. Thanks for letting me have a rant and sorry for the dull post ;-)

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having read Jems' post, I think I have a bit more direction now, I'm going to do some treadmill training (Fartleks and Hills) once a week to work on my speed and stamina, and then enjoy the other runs (one tempo 5K, one easy/moderate long run (8k+) increasing slightly each week. Maybe squeeze in an extra run here and there, to burn a few calories too.

I have a plan. Hurrah!


Hurrah! Rant away - always interesting seeing inside someone else's head!


'Hurrah' was for the plan, by the way, rather than for the rant!


:-) Thanks!


Oh I just love a plan! A rant is always good too as it empties stuff out and makes way for the new....have fun :)


Sounds like you are thinking a bit like a lot of us who want to do the 10k but know its limitations. Good luck with the plan. Keep ranting and keep running!!


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