Stidingedge asks does C25K help you when it comes to fell walking?


Just spent a week away in the Lake District and started off doing some of my favourite walks. I was absolutely AMAZED how easy I found them! So much so that I started to try more difficult, longer routes. On one walk, the descent wasn't too steep, and I found myself naturally breaking into a run, rucsac and all. As I reached the carpark a fella commented to me that wasn't it such a lovely day to be FELL RUNNING! I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day. Just to think, me a fell runner! (even if it was for less than a mile)

The final day I managed a 20 mile walk, something I've never before got near to in my life. SO, as you can see, this C25K thing is quite extroadinary. To all of you out there on the journey, DON'T GIVE UP - It REALLY is worth it to keep on going, however difficult you might be finding it. THe joy of being able to get up mountains without being completely out of breath is wonderful. Next time I'll have to return to Helvelyn and complete the STRIDING EDGE!


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  • I couldn't agree more! My walking speed and stamina has improved so much. Well, until I broke a metatarsal. I can't wait to be given the all clear so I can get back out there walking (and running!).

    I live in the Lakes and always thought fell-runners were crazy people (why spoil the view), then I started trail running, now I can't wait to do some proper fell runs (and maybe even some races!).

  • I envy you living there. It must be fantastic to have the fells on your doorstep. Good luck with the trail running, it sounds great. I hope it won't be long before you get going again.

  • I agree as well I went walking in the lakes for the first time in a few years last month and the transformation was extraordinary. Much more fleet of foot and better stamina, also more "sure footed" somehow on the descents.

    We found that walks which used to take us all day would be done in two thirds of a day! More time for the pub

    If you like the idea of fell runing pick up "Feet in the Clouds" - it will change your life......and also help you understand how insanely inhuman these guys day maybe....they are my heroes I wish I lived in the lakes. I live in Surrey and there are not many ridge runs around here

  • I know exactly what you mean about being more 'sure-footed'. It's all about having extra confidence. I guess. Will certainly look out for "Feet in the Clouds" Ta!

  • Sounds wonderful! Funnily enough I was out walking today with my husband & found that I was going up inclines much quicker, he confirmed it wasn't my imagination. Still find it really hard to run up them but not as hard as I once did. The benefits of this programme go on & on.

  • It's great isn't it? I actually got quite embarrassed as I overtook people on my way up. I used to get embarrassed as I would get in the way as they tried to over take me!

  • hehe yes and looking back and seeing the people you passed fall further behind. I think we deserve those moments of smugness!

    But on the plus side we were going to do the Fairfield Horseshoe and took a wrong turn at the peak of Fairfield and ended up heading over St Sunday Crag down into Patterdale and we had plenty of time for the two hour bus trip before the restaurant opened :-) We wouldn't have managed that before!

    I know I know we had a map and a compass but did not think to take a bearing but I maintain that you are not lost if at no point do you feel you are anywhere other than where you expect to be - even when you are not :-P

  • You what? I feel totally lost after reading that!

  • stop laughing!

  • A day later and it's still left me lost!..Got back to a normal run on a treadmill today 5.1K in 30mins. Rather chuffed. The treadmill was rather boring but at least it's 'lost proof''.

  • I, too, noticed I didn't huff and puff so much on the uphill on our last day out hillwalking, when we climbed Beinn a' Bha'ach Ard in Glen Strathfarrar.

    I'm really looking forward to the winter and wonderful, clear, crisp days when we can crunch across the snow. I'm also hoping we will have enough snow for nordic ski-ing this winter. Maybe this time I'll be able to go at more of a running pace, than just a very slow shuffle.

  • Sounds marvellous. I used to love ski-ing.

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